Delta Passenger Says There Were Screams in Cabin After Aborted JFK Takeoff

Delta Passenger Says There Were Screams in Cabin After Aborted JFK Takeoff

A Delta jet was forced to abort takeoff when an American Airlines plane crossed in front of it. The FAA said the Delta plane aborted takeoff within 1,000 feet of the AA plane. Delta passenger Donall Brian Healy told Insider there was screaming in the cabin. Loading Something is loading.

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A Delta passenger said there were screams from his fellow passengers when a Delta plane was forced to abort takeoff after another plane passed in front of it on the runway.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it was investigating an incident involving a Delta Boeing 737 and an American Airlines Boeing 777 at New York’s JFK airport on Friday night.

Donall Brian Healy, who was traveling on Delta Flight 1943 to the Dominican Republic, told Insider that the plane stopped very suddenly two or three seconds after it began accelerating down the runway for takeoff, pushing passengers forward in their seats. theirs.

“There was vocal feedback, some screaming when the plane first started to slow down, then total silence. I felt a rush of adrenaline knowing this was not normal and not knowing what to expect,” Healy said. “As the plane came to a stop, I knew we were going to be OK – I thought it was a mechanical thing.”

Healy said the pilot told passengers another plane had passed in front of them, forcing him to abort takeoff. It took the plane an hour to taxi back to the airport terminal, he added.

Healy canceled his flight after the incident and was given a full refund by Delta.

In a statement to Insider, the FAA said preliminary analysis revealed that the Delta flight stopped on the runway about 1,000 feet from American Flight 106 while crossing onto an adjacent runway, and that no one was injured in the incident.

The near-miss was first reported by Twitter user JonNYC.

ABC7 reported that the Delta jet was traveling at 115 miles per hour when it aborted takeoff.

A Delta representative told Insider that 145 passengers and six crew members were on the flight. Passengers were removed from the aircraft and accommodated overnight due to crew resources before departing on Saturday morning.

“The safety of our customers and crew is always Delta’s number one priority. Delta will work with and assist aviation authorities in a full review of Flight 1943 on January 13th regarding an aborted takeoff procedure in New York -JFK. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and delay in their travels,” said the representative.

An American Airlines representative said it would be delayed to the FAA and that his flight departed as scheduled to London’s Heathrow Airport.

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