Florida woman unboxes 13 pieces of luggage after Delta Airlines damages her suitcase: ‘I was crying laughing’

Florida woman unboxes 13 pieces of luggage after Delta Airlines damages her suitcase: ‘I was crying laughing’

A traveler recently received an unexpected customer service overload from Delta Airlines after she filed a damaged baggage claim after a flight.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s a mistake,'” Peyton Thompson, 29, a Florida resident, told Fox News Digital about a piece of mail she received courtesy of the airline. “I thought I was only taking a suitcase, but [figured] maybe they just sent me a whole set…so I took them home with me and started unpacking them.”

Thompson said that as a traveling radiology technician, she often rents Airbnbs and has to put everything she owns in her vehicle.


“And I can’t fit 13 suitcases in my truck,” Thompson said.

On the left side of this image is Peyton Thompson’s damaged suitcase (Peyton Thompson)

Thompson, who was in New York for work at the time, documented the incident in a TikTok video, which garnered more than a million views.

Last month, Thompson pulled her new, peacock-print suitcase from the Delta Airlines baggage conveyor belt at Syracuse Hancock International Airport and noticed it was “ruined,” she said.


“One of the wheels was completely torn off, and I think that tore the hard cover over it and was exposing the fabric on the inside,” Thompson said.

Thompson had traveled to Syracuse, New York, from New York-La Guardia on February 3. When she landed at her destination, she realized her luggage was “destroyed,” she said. (Peyton Thompson)

Thompson said there was a snowstorm in the area and she ended up dragging the bag through the snow and ice. Two of the suitcase’s other wheels were damaged, leaving it with one functional wheel.

“I was bummed, I’d also never used that bag and it had a beautiful peacock design on it,” Thompson said.

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This photo shows a close-up image of Thompson’s damaged trunk. She told Fox News Digital that it was the first time she had traveled with the bag. (Peyton Thompson)

Thompson said she submitted a request and received an email response saying the process could take up to a month due to “higher volumes” of requests.

Thompson then received a personal response. Thompson shared a copy of the first apology letter — one she received from a Delta representative — with Fox News Digital.

Fox New Digital reached out to Delta Airlines for comment.

“It was so funny to me. Then I went to open one of them and I was like, ‘Oh my god, there are more bags inside these big ones.’

– Peyton Thompson

Thompson said that later, a Delta representative informed her that her damaged luggage would be replaced.

She was sent a link that included new luggage items to purchase. Thompson selected her bag and received a confirmation email about her order, she said.

“About two weeks after that, I got nine confirmation emails and I [said], ‘What about the world? There’s got to be some kind of glitch,” Thompson said. “So I just deleted it all because I didn’t really care…I didn’t need the bag for another month.”

Even though she thought the delivery was a mistake, Thompson still loaded all the luggage into her truck. (Peyton Thompson)

Not long after, the manager of the Airbnb where Thompson was staying approached her and said, ‘Hey Peyton, you have a bunch of packages. Do you want to come get them?’” Thompson recalled.

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“There were nine big, big boxes,” Thompson said.

Thompson said she packed the boxes into her car after they were delivered courtesy of Delta and a luggage company called Ricardo Beverly Hills. (Peyton Thompson)

Thompson loaded the packages, took them home and began unpacking.

“I was FaceTiming my mom and dad [while] laughing. It was very funny to me,” she said, adding that more pieces of luggage were packed inside the larger suitcases that were sent to her.

“So three of the big ones had smaller bags inside them. I ended up with 13.”

Thompson shared photos of the new luggage she said she received in the mail after part of her luggage was damaged by Delta. (Peyton Thompson)

Thompson did an online search of the luggage and learned that three of the pieces were worth $400 before the sale price, she said.

“They were all between $200 and $400. I felt terrible,” Thompson added. “I saw other bags so I don’t know if that’s why I got them all but I picked the one I wanted and checked it out and it was free and they sent me a confirmation email.”

Peyton Thompson, 29, is a traveling radiology technician who went viral on TikTok after receiving an unexpected customer service overload from Delta Airlines. (Peyton Thompson)

Thompson said she contacted Delta, which contacted the baggage company.

“We’ve got it all figured out,” Thompson said. “She [the representative’s] her name was Pam and she was wonderful. She said ‘Yes, it was a mistake. We are very sorry for your inconvenience.'”

Thompson said she was sent postcards and sent the luggage back.

“They made it very easy for me, so I’m not mad about it. I just hope someone doesn’t get fired because of this mistake,” she added.

Thompson was surprised to see multiple boxes sent to her when she had only selected one piece of luggage to replace the damaged suitcase while it was apparently in the hands of Delta Airlines. (Peyton Thompson)

Thompson said she didn’t expect her TikTok video, which has 892 comments and counting, to get so much attention.

“I was crying laughing. It felt like an April Fool’s joke,” Thompson said in response to a viewer on her TikTok comments.

Thompson said she resolved the baggage error before dutifully shipping the shipment. (Peyton Thompson)

Thomas said many people on TikTok were laughing and making funny jokes about the delivery error.

One user commented, “I don’t see a mistake.”

Thompson responded by referring to her being a Delta customer: “Apology accepted. They have my loyalty.”

Gretchen Eichenberg is a contributing reporter for Fox News Digital.

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