Tesla files for $716M expansion at Giga Texas, including cathode plant

Tesla files for 6M expansion at Giga Texas, including cathode plant

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas facility is set to expand by 1.4 million square feet after the automaker unveiled more than $716 million in new projects at the site.

Tesla filed four new projects on Jan. 9, according to filings with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The projects were filed separately because they would expand four different facilities, filings show. Tesla listed the projects in Cell 1, Drive Unit, Cathode, and Cell Test Lab.

According to the Austin Business Review (paywalled), which first uncovered the filings, the projects will provide Tesla with an additional 1.4 million square feet of space at the Texas Gigafactory, and construction could begin by the end of the month.

The total cost for the four new facilities is $716,700,000, with most of the cost coming from the construction of the Cell 1 facility, which is expected to cost $368,000,000. The Cathode Building costs $216,000,000, while the Drive Unit and Cell Test Lab buildings will cost $85,000,000 and $3,700,000, respectively.

Tesla presented the projects as “New Construction”.

Tesla has been planning to build a cellular facility at the Texas Gigafactory for some time. Tesla filed to build a cathode factory at Gigafactory Texas in February 2022, filings with Travis County showed.

Tesla files for Cathode Factory in Texas Gigafactory for battery production

The mobile factory will complement the automaker’s efforts to expand production of electric vehicles in the United States, but will also help Tesla become less dependent on suppliers for its products. Currently, Tesla has multiple battery supply agreements, most notably with Panasonic in the US

However, the growth of the EV market has brought a shortage of battery cells and battery materials. Tesla, which introduced the new 4680 cell a few years ago, is planning to implement these new batteries in various projects, most notably the Model Y from Gigafactory Texas, which began deliveries to customers last year.

Tesla has delayed several projects over the past few years due to battery limitations. However, the construction of cathode and cell manufacturing plants in Giga Texas could relieve the company of these shortages as vehicle sales expand.

Tesla is also planning to build the Cybertruck in Texas, but the packs are currently being manufactured in Fremont due to the lack of a cell manufacturing plant in Austin.

Apparently, Tesla will also build powertrains for its vehicles in Texas. It has been building powertrains for the Model 3 at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada for several years.

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Tesla seeks $716 million expansion at Giga Texas, including cathode plant

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