Could my Sacramento neighborhood flood? Do I need sandbags? Your questions answered

Could my Sacramento neighborhood flood? Do I need sandbags? Your questions answered

As rain continues to drench the Sacramento region, residents are wondering if their neighborhood is at risk of flooding and what they should do to prepare for the water.

The National Weather Service issued several flood and wind warnings this week as heavy rain and wind continue to batter the region for a third week in a row. In response, officials have encouraged some people to evacuate their areas.

The weather is forecast to be stormy through at least Tuesday night, with a chance of rain through the weekend. Thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain and winds up to about 40 mph are expected.

Sacramento Bee reader Tatiana Gonzalez addresses The Bee’s service journalism with this Sacramento storm question: “Should people in these areas of the city be prepared with sandbags? Should they prepare for flooding?”

Could my Sacramento neighborhood flood?

South Sacramento County is receiving most of the region’s flooding.

On Sunday, the Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services ordered residents living in the Wilton area to pack up and leave as rising water “may soon spill onto streets in Wilton and cut off evacuation routes.”

“Anyone outside of the Wilton area of ​​the evacuation zone could potentially see some water,” said spokeswoman Janna Haynes with Sacramento County “but obviously for people inside the evacuation zone — instead of sandbags, we’d like them to leave”.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning Sunday night for the Cosumnes River at Michigan Bar in preparation for Monday’s rain.

A helicopter flew along the American River Sunday evening warning displaced residents living along the park to evacuate the area due to rising water levels.

“All other river reaches in the area at this point are expected to remain below flood stage,” said meteorologist Hannah Chandler-Cooley with the National Weather Service.

People living near any small streams and creeks should be extra vigilant because water can rise from heavy rainfall and flood your area.

Haynes said those living in northern Sacramento County near Arcade Creek and Dry Creek “could potentially see a little localized flooding” and may be interested in sandbagging their property.

Where can I find sandbags in Sacramento?

Both the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County have several locations where residents can pick up sandbags.

Remember: Sand and bags are provided, but residents must fill the bags themselves with their own shovels:

Here are the Sacramento County sandbag sites that are not staffed:

Branch Center – 3847 Branch Center Road

Orangevale Community Center – 6826 Hazel Ave.

Westside Park – 6555 West Second St.

Wilton Fire Station – 10661 Alta Mesa Road

Point Pleasant United Methodist Church – 3329 Point Pleasant Road

The city of Sacramento has two sandbag locations, spokeswoman Gabby Miller with the city of Sacramento wrote in an email to The Bee, which are open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Wednesday, Jan. 11. Shovels, sand and bags are provided, but you must fill the bags yourself.

Here are the locations:

How can I use sandbags to fight flood water?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use sandbags, according to Lowe’s, a home improvement company:

Clean the area around where you want to place sandbags.

Fill the bag with sand a little more than halfway and make sure to leave room to allow the sand in the bag to move.

When putting the bag down, make sure to fold the bottom of the bag under itself. If you tied the bag, turn the ends.

Be sure to place the bags in a staggered formation, similar to stacking bricks.

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