Los Angeles Rams’ Sean McVay responds to retirement and TV rumors

Los Angeles Rams’ Sean McVay responds to retirement and TV rumors

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As the Los Angeles Rams wrap up a disappointing 2022 season, coach Sean McVay is now responding to rumors swirling around the NFL about his future.

After the Super Bowl win, reports surfaced this summer that McVay was considering retirement. One of the best coaches in the NFL received interest from the league’s broadcast partners about a role on the air, giving him an opportunity to make a career change.

While he saw the appeal in stepping away from the grueling schedule that comes with being a head coach, McVay ultimately signed a contract extension with Los Angeles. However, his NFL future has once again been a source of speculation.

Sean McVay’s career record: 60-37

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Many prominent league officials began discussing McVay’s future in November, raising the possibility that he could finally be gone. The topic quickly gained traction in the NFL with insiders casting doubt on which Rams coach will stay in 2023.

As Los Angeles slipped further down the NFL rankings, the rumors became more prevalent. A senior executive revealed in December that McVay is tired and taking time off from training is a realistic possibility. It quickly caught the attention of television executives, who have coveted McVay for years.

Asked by reporters this week about the attention from network executives and his future, McVay admitted he is interested in becoming an NFL analyst in the future. However, he also seemed to express a desire to stay with the Rams for the time being.

“I want to be here now, focus on this and here I am.”

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay on rumors of pulling out for a TV job (H/T Sarah Barshop)

Turning 37 on January 24, McVay is still one of the youngest coaches in the NFL. However, he and his wife have made it clear that they want to prioritize their own lives and happiness, rather than spend decades going through the rigors of working in the NFL.

Considering all the holes on the Rams’ roster and their limited ability to address a number of needs this offseason, it’s still possible that McVay leaves. He could be doing just as much service as a color analyst for ESPN, FOX or Amazon as he would doing offside play in Los Angeles.

Whether it’s in 2023 or a few years from now, McVay will be out of coaching a lot sooner than football fans want. However, the hope will be that he will have a chance to resettle and spend time with his family for a few years before an eventual return is made.

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