New Pacific Storm Poses Risks to Life and Property for California by Early Next Week: Meteorologists Warn

New Pacific Storm Poses Risks to Life and Property for California by Early Next Week: Meteorologists Warn

According to US meteorologists, a new Pacific storm will pose risks to life and property, as well as cause possible travel disruptions for California early next week.

The storm is part of a train of Pacific storms that has wreaked havoc across the West Coast, particularly in California.

The impending new storm will arrive after a combination of a bomb cyclone and atmospheric river brought heavy rain, strong winds and flooding to parts of California, causing power outages for thousands of residents across the Golden State.

Coastal areas in California were also affected by large waves and tidal waves, causing flash flooding.

In recent days, weather reports have attributed weather hazards to a rainstorm fueled by the aforementioned combination, which prompted evacuation orders earlier this week.

Meanwhile, according to forecasters, more storms are expected during the rest of the weekend.

Local authorities have warned drivers against the risk of flooding and commuters could face significant disruption in major hubs such as the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

New Pacific storm

(Photo: Photo by JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images)
Drivers wade through standing water on Interstate 101 in San Francisco, California on January 4, 2023. – A bomb cyclone slammed into California on January 4, 2023, bringing strong winds and torrential rain that was expected to cause flooding in already saturated by successive storms.

The independent Pacific storm approaching early next week could be the strongest of the entire Pacific storm train the US region has experienced since late 2022, according to AccuWeather meteorologists.

In particular, California has experienced a “frenzy of storms” since the end of 2022, but experts at the American weather forecasting company said that the onslaught of storms is not over.

This particular storm arriving in California cannot be underestimated, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Joe Bauer.

Forecasters say the threat is based on estimates that the system could bring large amounts of moisture and potentially lead to “catastrophic” flooding; in addition to numerous landslides and road closures.

AccuWeather experts add that the amount of rain and snow expected from the single storm would be enough to cause flooding concerns and affect mountain travel, noting that it could reach extreme and historic levels compared to hurricanes. the other.

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Pacific Storm Train

US weather reports referred to weather events as the “Pacific storm train” mentioned earlier.

Due to repeated weather hazards, California declared a state of emergency earlier this week after the combined storm produced 45-foot waves, dumped torrential rain on already saturated ground and prompted the issuance of flood and landslide warnings, according to the U.S. Today.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom authorized members of the state’s National Guard to help with disaster response after the massive storm devastated much of the Golden State’s coastline.

What is a bomb cyclone?

Forecasters often used the term “bomb cyclone,” which refers to a winter storm or hurricane that is very rare and yet powerful enough to pack strong winds and bring heavy precipitation in the form of rain or snow to many areas. .

What determines it is how quickly the pressure drops in the low-pressure area, by roughly 24 millibars in 24 hours, according to The New York Times.

Since the end of December 2022, this weather phenomenon has affected not only the USA, but also Canada.

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