Andy Cohen Accidentally Uses Explicit Language on Live TV While Ranting About TikTok Trend

Andy Cohen Accidentally Uses Explicit Language on Live TV While Ranting About TikTok Trend

This is the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ host’s first on-air cursing incident in more than 13 years.

Andy Cohen had a big mistake on air, and this time he can’t blame it on alcohol.

While broadcasting Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, the 54-year-old host accidentally dropped the f-bomb.

During the show’s “Hackhole of the Day” segment, Cohen found himself in a bit of a pickle as he explained that he didn’t have a single hackhole, but a bunch of them.

“For the past two weeks, people have been sending me videos of their loved ones telling them I’m dead,” Cohen began, referring to the growing trend on TikTok where users secretly record their loved ones while taunting them with stories. of famous people’s deaths, just to laugh and share their dramatic reactions.

“I don’t want to experience people’s reactions to me dying,” Cohen described, adding that he’s already “pretty scared of dying in reality” and doesn’t want to “watch weird simulations of it over and over.”

“So let me be clear: don’t make me, don’t share me or tag me in any king…” he said. Quickly realizing what he had just said, Cohen gasped and covered his mouth with his hands in embarrassment before continuing, “Andy Cohen’s death reaction videos.”

After a brief moment of silence, Cohen concluded: “Why is this? It’s not even funny.”

Cohen later addressed the moment on Twitter, after fans exploded with memes mocking his mistake. According to the father of two, this is the first time in the history of his Bravo late-night show that he has cursed on air.

“First time in 13 1/2 years!!! Sorry guys!” he shouted.

He also re-shared the clip on Instagram, writing, “yo Tik Tok this is gross! (I’m so upset about this that I let the f-bomb slip for the first time in my 13 1/2 years at wwhl!)”

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His departure came just days after Cohen revived his work by hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live and about a year after he and co-host Anderson Cooper blew up the Internet with their wildly raucous New Year’s Eve broadcast , during which Cohen made some controversial statements. while former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Ryan Seacrest were rumored to be prompting the network to ban its talent from consuming any alcohol this year.

While Cohen may not be a regular mouthpiece, Watch What Happens Live has had its profane moments, with many social media users comparing his Jan. 3 appearance to a 2015 WWHL interview with the Vanderpump Rules stars , Lala Kent and James Kennedy.

“Reminded me of this,” reflected one Twitter user, sharing the heavily censored clip.

Another fan also shared a snap from the perennially viral moment, to which Cohen responded with a series of clapping emojis.

What a way to start the year – thanks for the laughs, Andy!

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