Does Sister Wives ‘ Kody Brown Want to Reconcile With Ex Janelle? He Says…

Does Sister Wives ‘ Kody Brown Want to Reconcile With Ex Janelle? He Says…

Kody Brown is hoping for a romantic reunion with ex Janelle Brown.

Although the two have split, they discussed whether a reconciliation is possible during the finale of the “Sister Wives: One by One” special. As for their future together, Kody noted that “Janelle has made it clear to me that she’s enjoying her life without me.” However, he said he still wants to work on their relationship.

“Oh yes, absolutely. Yes,” he replied when asked by host Sukanya Krishnan during the January 8 episode. “But I won’t go to a place where I’m not respected. Because love doesn’t matter to me, respect matters to me.”

Though Kody admitted that repairing his relationship with Janelle wouldn’t be easy. “I want to fix it, yeah,” he said. “Yes, but this is a whole new negotiation.”

According to Kody, he and Janelle have been in a “new place” since his split from wife Christine Brown, which was announced in November 2021.

“Kristina is left. Janelle likes her. It was like, ‘Why couldn’t you have been good sisters when you were sister wives?'” he continued. “This is such a mess.”

Christine Brown’s sweetest moments with ex Kody

Regarding his split from Janelle, Kody called it “pretty stupid for people who love each other, right?” However, Janelle suggested that there is no more love between them.

“At this point, no. It’s not,” she replied. “It’s a duty, it’s a commitment, it’s a belief that says you choose it and stick with it. I think if we both really sat down, we’d look at each other and say, ‘Really?’

And after being separated from Kody “for a few months,” Janelle noted that she was “really happy.”

“I don’t know. Things just became kind of indifferent,” she added. “Like, I just didn’t care anymore.”

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When asked if she still respected Kody after he became “indifferent,” Janelle said she did. And while she said she still does, she revealed that she’s starting to lose her respect for him.

“Yes, but I am so angry about what has happened to our children that it is very difficult,” she said. “I’m losing respect for him in this regard.”

The story continues

Kody and Janelle share six of his 18 children together. Last season, tension between Kody and Janelle rose over the COVID-19 protocols he put in place, which resulted in them spending less time together.

When Sukanya said that Kody also felt disrespected, Janelle responded, “Well, it’s mutual. I think it’s a two-way street there.”

“I think if he really cared about me and my kids, he would have found a way to make it work for the whole family instead of having his own rules and staying with his wife, stood where he was respected and obeyed,” she added, apparently referring to his relationship with wife Robyn Brown.

Kody is only legally married to Rob; however, he still considered himself spiritually married to Janelle, Christine and wife Mary Brown. But in addition to separating from Janelle and divorcing Christine, Kody revealed during the One on One special that he no longer feels married to Mary.

“Here’s the thing, that’s what I say,” she said. “People change. Maybe he’s just in this place where he’s like, ‘She’s just not for me anymore,’ and he’s now finally just saying that.”

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