Dr. Dre Slaps Politician With Copyright Claim, Gets Her Banned Form Twitter | Eminem.Pro

Dr. Dre Slaps Politician With Copyright Claim, Gets Her Banned Form Twitter | Eminem.Pro

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right conspiracy theorist, Qanon supporter, climate change denier, and staunch Trump supporter used Dr. Deer to raise himself. A big mistake.

Celebrating Republican Kevin McCarthy’s election as Speaker of the House, MTG posted a self-congratulatory video on Twitter, showing him moving through the halls of Congress in slow motion and riding in a grand elevator. A phone screen with a call from “DT” played an important role in this scenario. A soundtrack to this shameful display of bad taste was so outrageous it made its creator’s skin crawl. MTG was scrolling across the screen along the “Still DRE” entry.

So Dre’s lawyer, Howard King, sat down and wrote two letters: one to Twitter and one to MTG.

In the letter to Green, King did not hold back and allowed himself to be as deadly sarcastic as an angry lawyer can be. After informing Mrs. Green that Andre Young, as the copyright owner of Still DRE, had never given him permission to broadcast his music, nor had he ever, the attorney continued:

One might expect that, as a member of Congress, you have a passing familiarity with the laws of our country. However, it’s possible that the laws governing intellectual property are a little too arcane and populist enough for you to really spend much time on. We are writing because we believe that a current legislator should be making laws and not breaking laws, especially those embodied in the constitution by the founding fathers.

On his part, Dr. Dre released a statement informing that he is appalled not only by random copyright infringement, but also by an author’s political beliefs:

I don’t give my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this.

Ms. Greene cheekily responded by saying, in short, the following: I stole your music and your music is shit. She told TMZ when asked for a comment: “While I appreciate the progression of the creative chord, I would never play with your words of violence against women and police officers, and your glorification of thug life and drugs.”

Meanwhile, Dre’s lawyer reacted on Twitter for the latter. Not only has the video been taken down, but Green also found himself banned from the media platform. However, the situation is not new to him. Her Twitter account was temporarily suspended five times in 2021 alone. It was eventually permanently suspended for spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, but was reinstated in the infamous mass apology after Elon Musk bought Twitter. Is it the end of the drama?

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