Hailey Bieber Wades Into ‘Nepo Baby’ Debate With T-Shirt Slogan

Hailey Bieber Wades Into ‘Nepo Baby’ Debate With T-Shirt Slogan

Hailey Bieber was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a shirt with the phrase “Nepo Baby”. The model and Rhode Skin founder’s crop top took aim at the “nepo babies” debate. A “nepo baby” is a famous person who found success mainly because they have a famous relative. Loading Something is loading.

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Hailey Bieber took the term “Nepo Baby” and turned it into a fashion statement.

The model and founder of Rhode Skin, 26, was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, California on Friday in a white crop top with the words “Nepo Baby” printed across the front. She teamed it up with a pair of low-waisted jeans, a black handbag and black clutches.

In the snaps taken of Bieber, who married Justin Bieber in 2019 and is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, the model appeared to be walking through a parking garage before meeting her friend Justine Skye.

While with Skye, Bieber appeared to have changed into a white shirt with no slogan.

Hailey Bieber wears her Nepo Baby T-shirt. GC images

The words printed on the T-shirt are a not-so-subtle reference to the nepo baby debate in the entertainment industry. The term is used to describe a famous person who may have found success because of a relative who is also in show business.

Interest in nepo babies spiked in December after a New York magazine cover story about nepotism in Hollywood went viral, prompting many other relatives of famous people to speak out on the subject.

But not everyone has embraced the term as much as Bieber seems to have.

Hailey Bieber later changed her shirt. GC images

Stars such as Kate Hudson and Jamie Lee Curtis, who also have famous relatives, have spoken in several interviews about their dislike of the phrase.

As Insider previously reported, Curtis, who is the daughter of “Psycho” actor Janet Leigh and “Some Like It Hot” star Tony Curtis, shared her thoughts in a Dec. 23 Instagram post.

“There is not a day in my professional life that I am not reminded that I am the daughter of movie stars,” wrote Curtis, 64. “The current conversation about nepo babies is only designed to diminish, denigrate and hurt.”

“It’s curious how we immediately make assumptions and weird comments that someone who is related to someone else who is famous in their field for their art would have no talent at all,” Curtis added in her post about the nepo babies. “I’ve learned that’s just not true.”

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