Harry shows off necklace broken during William’s alleged assault

Harry shows off necklace broken during William’s alleged assault

Bling fit for a prince.

Prince Harry appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday to discuss his new memoir, Spare.

During the chat, the Duke of Sussex talked about his nicknames, his late mother and his military service – and also delved into the explosive fight with brother Prince William that he wrote about in his book.

“There’s a lot of talk about the physical fight you two had where he pushed you into the kitchen and broke the dog bowl when you fell on it,” Colbert said, before asking, “He says he broke the necklace. Which necklace was it that he broke?”

“That, which is now fixed,” Harry replied, pointing to a trio of charms attached to a black cord around his neck.

Prince Harry showed off his iconic necklace, which has been mended since the war. The Late Show with Stephen Colbe

“I have my baby’s heartbeat, which my wife gave me,” he explained of a pair of silver pendants engraved with the cardiograms of son Archie and daughter Lilibet.

“And I my friend in Botswana made this for me, who put the eye of the tiger in it,” he continued of a third, round charm featuring the golden gemstone, which is said to protect its owner. and promotes self-confidence and inner strength. .

One of the pendants has the eye of the tiger, which is said to protect its wearer. The Late Show with Stephen Colbe

It makes sense that Markle would have gifted her husband a heartbeat, since she’s a fan of the sentimental glow herself. The Duchess has been seen wearing gold zodiac chains with Virgo and Taurus charms in honor of Harry and Archie respectively, as well as diamond constellation necklaces for Archie and Lily.

Like her husband, she is also a fan of meaningful gemstones; As well as setting Archie and Harry’s birthstones in the diamond eternity set she stacks with her engagement ring, Markle also owns a lapis lazuli pendant, believed to promote wisdom, intuition and truth.

In “Spare,” Prince Harry details an alleged feud with his brother, Prince William. Getty Images

In his memoir, Harry claims his older brother called Markle “difficult”, “rude” and “abrasive” during a 2019 argument at Nottingham Cottage, after which the Prince of Wales allegedly attacked him that.

His necklace may have since been mended, but the sibling relationship still appears to be broken.

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