Logan Paul seemingly confirms in email that animal sanctuary found his pet pig ‘abandoned in a field’: ‘Shocking and heartbreaking’

Logan Paul seemingly confirms in email that animal sanctuary found his pet pig ‘abandoned in a field’: ‘Shocking and heartbreaking’

A popular animal shelter based in Santa Clarita, California shared on TikTok that it recently took in a pig that was found “abandoned in a field” and is suspected to be YouTuber Logan Paul’s former pet.

The Gentle Barn posted on Jan. 9 that it received a call about a pig that had been abandoned in a field next to another pig that had died. The pig, which Gentle Barn named Pearl, had “split ears and a potentially life-threatening infection in her uterus.”

“Obviously she has been through so much trauma,” Gentle Barn wrote in the caption, “but she is now safe with us.”

The sanctuary also noted that Pearl “was originally purchased by a grower from an influencer.” Gentle Barn did not disclose how it knew this information and did not specifically name Paul as the influencer in question.

But on the night of January 9, the sanctuary received an email from Paul that apparently confirmed it was his pet pig from two years ago.

Paul bought what he thought was a teacup pig in September 2018 and named the pet Pearl. In February 2020, he tweeted that Pearl was not actually a teacup pig and included a photo of the two together.

A year later, in February 2021, Paul announced on his podcast that he was moving from Encino, California, to Puerto Rico — for tax reasons, he said at the time. As of June 2021, he was confirmed to be living in a $13 million mansion in Puerto Rico.

Paul told the sanctuary that when he moved to Puerto Rico, Perla “couldn’t come” and she was rehomed “on a horse farm in Santa Clarita.” He added that as far as he knew, “she lived there fruitfully for 10 months until the owner of the house moved out.” After that, Pearl was allegedly sent to a farmer across the street “with the promise of care.”

According to Paul’s email, it was the second farmer who had promised to care for Pearl who allegedly called the sanctuary to pick her up.

It’s unclear why Paul told the sanctuary in the email that he moved to Puerto Rico in April 2020 — his Instagram feed from that time features videos from inside his California home. Calculating the timeline with Paul moving in February 2021, Pearl would have been on a horse farm by December 2021 or January 2022.

The story continues

“It’s shocking and heartbreaking to hear the state of her recovery,” Paul continued. “I wanted to reach out in person and say thank you for accepting.”

As of this reporting, there’s only one post on Paul’s Instagram featuring Pearl — ironically, in a video about how he’s a good guy — but he included Pearl in a vlog that got 4.2 million views and another video testing if getting girls was more successful using a dog or gem.

“People often buy ‘mini pigs’ or ‘teacup pigs’ for online influence,” Gentle Barn explained on TikTok. “When they inevitably grow too big and have a lot of unexpected needs, they’re unfortunately discarded.”

It is debatable whether teacup pigs actually exist. The Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS), a national animal welfare organisation, argues that the term “teacup” is not recognized by any official breed standard. Typically when someone “carries” a teacup pig, BFAS argues, it usually means the animals are not being fed well.

Many of the pigs sold as teacup or mini-pigs are domesticated pigs that are tame and smaller than the average farm pig. Full-grown farm pigs grow to a weight of about 1,000 pounds, while potbellied pigs are within the 100-pound-200-pound range.

“For anyone asking ‘Where can I get a cup of pig tea?’ these very small pigs simply don’t exist,” reports the BFAS. “The mini pig pets that people see on the internet and on TV are really just little pigs, who may be only a few days old, or who are not being fed well so that their growth is stunted, or that they are sold under false pretences.”

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If you or someone you know has witnessed animal abuse, call your local animal control agency as soon as possible or call 9-1-1 if you are unfamiliar with local organizations. If both options don’t work, call PETA’s hotline at 757-622-7382.

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