Nurse Able actress was 84

Nurse Able actress was 84


April 4, 2023 | 1:14 p.m

Judy Farrell, known for her role as Nurse Able on the TV show “M*A*S*H,” has died after suffering a stroke.

She was 84.

Farrell’s son, Michael, told TMZ that his mother died Sunday in hospital nine days after suffering a stroke.

Mike and Judy Farrell were married in 1963 and divorced in 1983. Sygma via Getty Images

Complications from the stroke left the actress unable to speak, but she was conscious, alert and able to squeeze her loved ones’ hands, he said.

Farrell was in eight episodes of the wildly popular “M*A*S*H,” a Korean War-set sitcom that ran from 1972 to 1983. Her first husband, three-time Emmy nominee Mike Farrell, joined the show as Captain BJ Hunnicutt in 1975 and said through the series finale.

She also appeared on the TV shows Get Smart, The Partridge Family, Quincy, ME, Emergency!, Benson, and Fame, as well as films such as JW Coop (1971 ), “Chapter Two” (1979) and “Long Term Relationship” (2006). She also wrote on the daytime soap Port Charles from 1998 to 2003.

Judy Farrell in “M*A*S*H” 20th Century Fox Film Corp

In 2018, she recalled a particularly memorable — and humorous — moment with series star Alan Alda while filming M*A*S*H.

“I did an episode where Hawkeye goes to fix a gas stove in the nurse’s tent and it explodes, temporarily blinding him. Alan decided to make it so he really couldn’t see. I ended up being the nurse that guided him, except I was always bumping into things because I didn’t know how to guide a blind person,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “At one point, Alan turned to me and said, ‘Do your kids believe you?’

Judy and Mike were married in 1963 and divorced 20 years later.

Loretta Swit, Mike Farrell, David Ogden Stiers, Jamie Farr, Harry Morgan, Alan Alda, William Christopher and Judy Farrell appear in the latest episode of “M*A*S*H.” Paul Harris/Getty Images Judy Farrell, Randolph Mantooth, Kevin Tighe, Dawn Lyn and Tim Donnelly in “Emergency!” in 1972. Courtesy Everett Collection

She married Joe Bratcher two years later, in 1985.

Farrell is survived by Bratcher and her two children with Mike, Michael and Erin.

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