What Happened to Thomas on Bold and Beautiful: Character History

What Happened to Thomas on Bold and Beautiful: Character History

On January 7, 1998, no one thought to say, “Here comes the trouble.” They should have!

For years, Bold & Beautiful legacy character Thomas Forrester has bounced from one controversial situation (a May/December fling with Amber Moore) to another (an eyebrow-raising romance with a mannequin) to another ( the parent trap that got him out of Forrester Creations in 2022). And for years, we’ve wondered why. He is rich, handsome and talented. Why does he seem to be as attracted to bad behavior as we are to an open bar?

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An Amber Alert of sorts was issued for Drew Tyler Bell’s Thomas.

Credit: Aaron Montgomery/JPI

Today we found the answer. When Thomas was born on January 7, 1998, he was already part of a lie. After learning she was expecting, Taylor (then Hunter Tylo) tried to inform Ridge that he was going to be a father … but found him in the arms of her constant rival, Brooke. In a vulnerable state, Taylor allowed herself to be convinced by Ridge’s brother, Thorne, to let everyone believe that he was the father. He would assume that Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke would get each other and they would all live happily ever after.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out that way. Once Ridge found out that Brooke and Thorne had conspired to pass off his son as a nephew, he changed wives so quickly that the refrigerator in the Forrester mansion didn’t even have the horizons left over from a marriage before he passed. with another!

Adam Gregory’s Thomas Gregory returned for boinkberries.

Credit: Paul Skipper/JPI

In the years that followed, Tomas’ life settled down… Hmm. How to put it. Not one bit. If one sister (Steffy) wasn’t being kidnapped by psychic Morgan DeWitt, the other (Phoebe) was recoiling in horror at the discovery that she and Mom had the same boyfriend. Add in the period during which Taylor was “dead” – thanks to the gleeful killer Sheila Carter – and you can begin to see why Thomas might have been out a bit…

To his credit, Ridge and Taylor’s only son has tried to turn over a new leaf. The problem is that it never seems to stay upside down. After a brain bleed convinced him that it was a good idea for him to hook up with Hope Logan’s former sister, he tried to focus on being a good friend to her and an admirable father to Douglas. Unfortunately, once again, his baser instincts got the better of him and he dove headfirst into another vat of hot water.

With each step, Thomas reaches another crossroads. He can choose to take the high road… or the low road. But if his history is any indication, we all know which way he will go. Remember how many times he’s done this before by viewing the photo gallery below of Thomas’ lies and times.

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