Carson City arrests: Man accused of domestic battery; admits to spitting, throwing cat litter | Carson City Nevada News

Carson City arrests: Man accused of domestic battery; admits to spitting, throwing cat litter | Carson City Nevada News

A 66-year-old man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery, according to a Carson City Sheriff’s Office booking report.

Deputies were dispatched late Tuesday evening to a Brown Street address for domestic battery. The reporting party advised dispatch that they were hiding from the suspect in the attic and that the suspect had thrown a box of cat litter at her, according to the booking report.

Deputies learned that the man left the residence and was walking with an unknown object in his hands. The victim advised that the man had a firearm, the report said.

A deputy then made contact with the reporting party and saw cat litter spilled on the kitchen and bedroom floor of the residence. The victim said she and the suspect are married and that they had been having problems and that the suspect had been staying in a separate cottage on the property they both owned, the report said.

The victim advised that the man is often abusive and attacks her, calling her names. She said that night the man started arguing and spat in her face 5 to 6 times before he left through a back door of the woman’s cottage residence and then returned where he spat in her face again and then grabbed the plastic box containing the small cat. and threw it on his head. Cat litter was all over the kitchen and bedroom floor and there was cat litter all over her hair. The victim said he recorded the incident and showed it to the deputy.

The deputy noted that the video was dark and difficult to see, but could hear the confrontation, including a loud bang, believed to be the trash can being thrown at the woman with the man saying “how it’s that feeling” as he was seen walking out the door. the report says.

The deputy tried to contact the man several times at his villa, but there was no answer. With probable cause to arrest the man, the deputy advised the deputies of the tours in case they have contact with the man.

On Wednesday at approximately 12:38 pm a deputy was informed that the suspect was currently in the residence using the hot tub. The deputy arrived and read the man his Miranda warning. The man agreed to talk about the incident, confirming there had been a dispute the night before. The man said he was beaten several times by the woman and she forced him to live in a cat urine-soaked unit on the property. He told the deputy the woman was going to start an argument, then record it to try to portray him as the aggressor, the report said.

The man confirmed he spat on the woman during the argument and also threw a box of cat litter at her. The officer noticed a scratch and red welt on the man’s left cheek. The man said the woman punched him several times in the face during the argument.

The man was arrested based on the initial investigation, as well as his admission of spitting on the woman and throwing cat litter at her.

Deputies asked the woman if she punched the man at any point during the argument. She denied laying hands on him and claimed to have more videos, portraying the man’s violent behavior the night before. Warranty: $3132.

In other arrests:
— A 55-year-old Carson City man was arrested Wednesday on a misdemeanor warrant alleging tampering with a vehicle. The order was issued on March 16, 2023 by the Carson City Justice Court. Guarantee: $1,000.

— All criminal record information (unless otherwise noted) comes from arrest reports provided by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and is considered public information by law. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Carson Now’s policy is to name anyone who is arrested for a crime.

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