Cleaning Up in Las Vegas — Security Today

Cleaning Up in Las Vegas — Security Today

Clearance in Las Vegas By Ralph C. Jensen Apr 04, 2023

Twenty-five years is a long time to do something. I have been a constant companion attending ISC West for over a quarter of a century. You know there have been changes over the years, many that I greatly appreciate. Scantily clad young women appeal to the mostly male audience to enter a booth. Of course it is not necessary.

Outside the convention center, people on the sidewalks were handing out letters that were pornographic in nature. Of course it is not required. I understand this is sin city, but seriously, is it necessary to have vehicles driving up and down the strip advertising escort coming to your destination?

Trying to do my part in cleaning up the environment.

I wanted to give my impressions of ISC West 2023, but a good friend, Kevin Wine posted this on his LinkedIn page. I asked Kevin that I could use his words instead.

“It looks like this year’s event was the biggest I can remember (going back…well for a long time) and it’s great to see the industry back in high growth mode! No matter where I walked in the (huge) exhibit hall, traffic was incredible, meaning attendees were there to learn and engage with exhibitors from all angles.

“The security industry is embracing many macro-technological trends. More IoT, cloud, interoperability, ecosystems, partnerships and collaboration.

Newer e-security “standards” such as OSDP for access are making progress and will create disruptive changes in demand from both channels and customers.

“Finally I noticed a lot of startups in access or surveillance; more than ever before. The thought of this speaks to the great opportunities for innovation that continue in the markets.”

Beautifully written by someone who has been in the security industry for many years. My opinion was similar in that I sensed tremendous enthusiasm and a vibrant energy at each exhibitor’s showcase. Speaking of which, Security Today magazine is building together a digital showcase of products from multiple exhibitors. There will be six or seven issues, starting April 9.

Call me (214) 773-1690 or send an email ([email protected]) if you would like to participate in a later issue. Meanwhile, it’s time for a glass of cold milk and a slice of victory cake.

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