Kliff Kingsbury Got Fired and Left the Country

Kliff Kingsbury Got Fired and Left the Country

Kliff Kingsbury managed to spend four seasons in Arizona with Kyler Murray before finally being fired after a disappointing season in which he didn’t have DeAndre Hopkins to start the year or Murray to finish it. Kingsbury took over the worst team in the NFL, improved it year after year for three seasons, and then a dramatic offseason for the franchise took a toll on his season.

Why do I say it was a dramatic season off the field? The team was followed by HBO throughout the year for the season premiere of Hard Knocks. Their OLine coach was fired after the team went to Mexico, but it was later assumed that he was mistakenly fired after a strange mistaken identity and the team should actually have a GM. The GM resigned due to health reasons soon after.

All of this, after the offseason, included the suspension of their best player and the craziest contract dispute ever when Kyler Murray got hurt that the Cardinals wanted him to study film and the playbook a little more.

This NFL stretch comes after a 2017 and 18 year in Lubbock where fans of his alma maters turned to him and pleaded with Kirby Hocutt to fire him. That’s what he deserves, but he should have been wearing the man.

I can’t imagine the amount of pressure Kingsbury has been under since 2013. Taking on a coaching job that many people thought he hadn’t earned yet. Going into six seasons, he was fired, then took a job as USC’s OC for about a week before taking a job as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, a job most people felt he didn’t deserve.

Now, the hottest name in the NFL offensive coordinator job search is up and out of the country.

Kliff Kingsbury is on vacation. Something he desperately deserves.

The New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys and more could potentially be attractive for Kingsbury to return as offensive coordinator. A job he’s in demand, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that round-trip ticket to Thailand turns into a year off for Kingsbury.

I’m not sure if Kingsbury got as much as Matt Rhule when he was fired by the Panthers, but the NFL buyout isn’t a small chunk of change. Kingsbury doesn’t need to work, especially if he lives in Thailand on a beach like this.

Tourists are gradually returning to Thailand’s “Sandbox” Phuket

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If I were a young millionaire with nothing to do in the near future, I’d also say Phuket with a one-way ticket.

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