Tenants forced out of apartments, inspection slated for Thursday

Tenants forced out of apartments, inspection slated for Thursday

As Carson City code enforcement officers posted a notice barring entry to the second floor of an apartment complex Monday, one remaining tenant was leaving on a bicycle to check on other apartments.

The tenant of the Carson Pines Apartments on David Street wished to remain anonymous, but told the Appeal they were informed by the property manager on Dec. 29 that they had until Jan. 6 to vacate. The tenant said he was not told beforehand. They expressed frustration at having to leave during winter storms. They said most everyone else on the second floor had already left.

The notice posted by city officials on Monday warned that the second floor of the complex is unsafe and entry could result in injury or death. The enforcement came after nearly two years of litigation, in which the city pressured the building’s owner to make necessary repairs.

“Effective at 5:00 p.m., January 9, 2023, until these repairs are completed, the use of the second floor stairs and elevated walkways, and access to the second floor apartments is restricted to fire and security personnel public, building security personnel. , insurance adjusters, property owner, licensed contractors, engineers or their designees,” said the notice posted Monday at the bottom of an exterior staircase. Other notices were posted on apartment doors.

According to the Carson City Assessor’s website, the property includes 1.45 acres and four apartment buildings. The buildings were built in 1963. The owner is Noah’s Family Revocable Living Trust. Two trustees are listed: Melody K. McEachin and William E. Kranz.

Kranz is the defendant in an ongoing case being tried in Carson City Justice and Municipal Court regarding the property. The charge filed by the District Attorney’s Office is “chronic disturbance.” A not guilty plea was entered on June 22, 2021.

According to court documents, problems with the complex were reported in May 2021 when Carson City Animal Control Services notified code enforcement and building divisions that an apartment there was being used as a “cat shelter.” When code enforcement officers responded, they noticed that the second floor walkways were not structurally sound. A subsequent inspection of the building confirmed that “the large timbers and plywood supporting the structure have rotted and must be replaced”. Several other nuisance violations and security concerns were noted.

On Tuesday, Kranz told the Appeal that he is the owner and manager of Carson Pines. The letter to Eagle Real Estate Management Inc., a Carson-based company, appears in court documents, but Kranz said the company only helped him with accounting.

Kranz said that the next court hearing on the case is scheduled for January 31. He declined to comment further at this time, but said he was in compliance with a Sept. 16, 2022, court order that would hire an engineer to address problems with the building. He said he hired Robison Engineering of Sparks.

According to an Oct. 1, 2022 report from Robison Engineering, a structural inspection of the property was conducted in September. Engineers found problems with the wood frames attached to the second-floor handrails, as well as the handrails themselves and the walkway’s plywood decking, which showed signs of dry rot. Inconsistent roof pitch and corroded stair structures were also noted. The engineering firm recommended removing and replacing all rotted wood, evaluating the trellis frame and repairing or replacing stair components, among other measures.

“Many of these issues could have been avoided with regular maintenance and proper construction techniques,” Robison’s report says.

According to the assessor’s website, the family trust acquired the property in 2013.

City officials plan to conduct a compliance inspection Thursday to make sure no one is occupying the unsafe housing.

The tenant who spoke with Apel was angry with both the city, because there was no set process for relocation, and the property owner. A support group for evicted tenants has been set up on Facebook:


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