Trina Machacek: Picking the perfect spot to sleep

Trina Machacek: Picking the perfect spot to sleep

I have a friend who used to have what he called his “sofa sleeper”. For him it was the best place to spend a few lazy afternoons. He spoke of her as if she were an old friend with whom he was always comfortable. I don’t think he has it yet. That was a lot of dozing off the afternoon before.

He and his wife moved to a new house and I’m not sure the sofa sleeper lived much longer with them in the new house. I know I’ve had some great spots at ZZZ away in an afternoon or two. This is what came up in the conversation not too long ago. Where is the best place to sleep. Not only today but in life where is the best place we all slept?

Sleep stain memories are wide and varied. Not only at home. If you’ve traveled from here to there, some places where you’ve taken your head off were just that. But! Yes, a sleepy “but” time. I myself have the memory of some wonderful hotel beds. The best? Hands down the Ocean Point Inn in Booth Bay Harbor. Man, now that was a good night’s sleep.

Camping can also bring back some good sleep memories. Sleeping on the ground is no longer a superfluous thing. It might be okay if I was sure someone would be there in the morning to help me up off said ground! About sleeping in camp, I remember some good afternoon naps in the lounge chairs. Bathed in the sun by the babbling brooks. Just think of those moments, lying down, a wind blowing in the trees, all right with the world as you walk away. Man, now that was a good night’s sleep.

My yard is a wonderful place in the summer. I have a large hammock that swings at just the right speed back and forth as the clouds move overhead. Looking at the fluffy clouds of summer, I hope, as I do, to see bears, ducks and hearts in those ever-changing waters of the atmosphere. Smelling the mowed grass. Birds fluttering and singing through the trees as a sprinkler gently hisses the water. Man, now that was a good night’s sleep.

Time and age leave a place for where and how we sleep. Sometimes just falling asleep can become a problem. Too much caffeine or not enough quiet time before hitting the hay can wreak havoc on us all. TV on or off? Music yes or no? The phone? Jump across the room already! Man, now that will make for a good night’s sleep.

The discussion about sleep should cover the fact that some of us don’t even go to bed to sleep. Not only my other half, but the other halves of others slept in their chairs for many years. Some still do. This does not happen all of a sudden. This change from bed to chair in the front room happens over time. I remember in the beginning, he would come to bed later and later.

Then get up earlier and earlier. Then we would buy a new bed because the one we had just wasn’t comfortable. It’s a whole process for sure. I often wonder how many couples sleep together every night over time. Man, sleep sure is changing now.

I have had those times, usually days after nights of restless sleep, where I fall asleep on the couch. My sofa is very comfortable I must admit. It is not too hard, not too soft, cold or hot. The bad thing can be when you fall asleep and then wake up around 6 and you almost don’t know if it’s morning or afternoon, which really messes up your internal clock. Even so, the man who can be a good sleeper. Waking up – not so much.

The last bastion of sleeping spots can be your car or truck at a truck stop. Maybe next to your motorcycle along the road or in a quiet place with trees to catch some eyes. Sleeping in vehicles always leaves something to be desired. Tight spaces and cramping muscles do not go well together. We do what we have to while we travel.

Pulling and capturing some ZZs is something I think we’ve all had a hard time doing. That “I can do the last 188 miles” is the inner struggle said by many, many drivers. Please! Stop and rest. I bet when you hit the road again, not only will you make it out alive, but you’ll also say, “Man, that was a good night’s sleep.”

Trina Machacek lives in Eureka. Her books are available wherever you buy books or email her at [email protected] to purchase signed copies.

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