Bill Parcells offers his advice to New York Giants coach Brian Daboll

Bill Parcells offers his advice to New York Giants coach Brian Daboll

Everyone who has followed in Bill Parcells’ footsteps as coach of the New York Giants has had big shoes to fill. The two-time Super Bowl winner set a standard not only for success, but also for how to conduct himself at work.

Tom Coughlin held that standard, but many others could not. That could change here with first-year coach Brian Daboll, who has the Giants in the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Parcells, a New Jersey native who says he’s rooted for the Giants since 1949, is especially pleased with this year’s team and the way Daboll has bonded with his players.

In Sunday’s loss to Philadelphia, Daboll once again showed the kind of coach he is when he sat down and hugged beleaguered wide receiver Kenny Golladay after Golladay made a spectacular catch for a touchdown. It was his first as a Giant after 26 games of futility.

Positive reinforcement hit home with Parcells, who was a master of balancing praise and punishment.

“You can never let a player go home at night thinking he doesn’t belong,” Parcells said in an interview with the New York Post. “It can’t be one direction all the time, especially if it’s negative. Players need to see your human side as well.”

Additionally, the Hall of Fame coach had some advice for Daboll as the Giants prepare for their Super Wild Card game against the Vikings in Minnesota this Sunday.

“I would tell him to keep doing whatever he’s been doing because it’s working. You have to keep being yourself in the playoffs. This is what we must do. We have to go to the playoffs,” he said.

“The Giants need to avoid losing to the Giants in this game. How do giants lose to giants? You take a lot of penalties. You return the ball. You block a shot. You miss a lot of challenges. You don’t capitalize in the red zone… That’s how you lose to the Giants. I would tell them: ‘Don’t lose to them'”.

Parcells added that “Giants players are going to believe, ‘If we play well, we’re going to beat these guys.'”

The former coach ended by saying that Daboll should pull out all the stops as there is no tomorrow.

“I’m not trying to make this dramatic here, but it’s just a sound exercise to review some aspects that haven’t been practiced much,” he said. “So if there’s any kind of cheating like a fake punt or a fake field goal, I would go back and review them with the whole team. I would tell them, ‘Listen, I’m going to do everything I can to win this game and these situations can come up.’

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