Damage From the California Storms: Videos, Photos and Maps

Damage From the California Storms: Videos, Photos and Maps

A string of catastrophic storms continued to batter California on Tuesday, with additional rain worsening ongoing flooding conditions and increasing the risk of flash flooding and mudslides.

The video was taken Jan. 9 by the California Highway Patrol in Fresno, via the Associated Press

Previous rains have already soaked the ground and increased runoff. Landslides have already occurred in the Shaver Lake area in Fresno County, in the central part of the state.

This California Highway Patrol incident map shows how widespread flooded roads and mudslides are. The agency is strongly advising residents to limit non-essential travel.

Source: California Highway Patrol Note: Incidents reported are as of 4:30 a.m. PT. By Scott Reinhard

Coastal cities like Santa Barbara were hit particularly hard, prompting evacuations and road closures. Some residents tried to use sandbags to slow the flow of floodwaters, with little success. A man was seen by a local TV news crew on the road paddling a kayak. Parts of Santa Barbara County, north of Los Angeles, had received more than 16 inches of rain since early Tuesday.

Video obtained Jan. 9 KEYT, via Associated Press

Water levels in many rivers have approached or exceeded flood stage. Officials are watching about three dozen places where rivers could reach flood levels, according to the National Weather Service’s California-Nevada River Prediction Center.

Los Angeles River

Photo taken on January 10 David Swanson/Reuters

The city of Gilroy, in an inland region in Northern California’s Santa Clara County, was partially underwater on Monday. Drone footage showed flooding that nearly consumed cars and the first floors of homes. Flooding closed most lanes of nearby highways.

Video taken Jan. 9 KGO, via Associated Press

Looking ahead, rainfall totals over the next few days in many parts of California could reach an additional seven inches as another “major cyclone” forming off the coast hits areas from Northern California to the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday, the National Weather Service said of Weather.

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