New Mexico State Library brings eBooks, New York Times, to New Mexico residents

New Mexico State Library brings eBooks, New York Times, to New Mexico residents

The New Mexico State Library (NMSL) has provided free statewide access to the Palace Project e-book library and digital subscriptions to the New York Times, including the Cooking and Games sections, to all New Mexicans. These resources are available through libraries across the state now.

“The New Mexico State Library has been working with libraries and the Connect New Mexico Council to bring better connectivity across the state,” said Eli Guinnee, executive director of NMSL. “We wouldn’t be able to offer The Palace Project and The New York Times without that work. It is essential to our mission and the health of our society that we deliver resources like these into the hands of young Mexicans with as few barriers as possible.”

The Palace Project is an app-based e-book and audiobook lending service. Accessing the service is simple: download The Project Palace app in the App Store or Google Play, search for New Mexico State Library in the app, and then read any of the thousands of available titles. According to The Palace Project website, the app supports a variety of accessibility features, including iOS Voice Over and Android Talkback for the visually impaired, font and color scheme options, and more.

The New York Times digital subscription includes the newspaper, New York Times Cooking and New York Times Games. Through subscription, customers have access to The New York Times Magazine, an exceptional source for journalism, op-eds, commentary and more. Cooking includes access to an extensive library of recipes, “a digital cookbook and cooking guide alike,” built to help “home cooks of all skill levels” improve their skills. The games mostly feature the New York Times crossword, along with some teasers like Spelling Bee and Wordle.

The subscription is accessible to all New Mexicans through their local library, Bookmobile station, or Books by Mail. Times, Cooking and Games will each have their own subscription code, which patrons can obtain by contacting their local library. Codes change daily. To access subscriptions, customers must enter the code into their New York Times account (creating an account is quick and easy). Once a customer’s subscription is live, it is accessible on all platforms for 24 hours.

The Palace Project is a non-profit service that aims to “support public libraries in their mission to provide equitable access to digital content” and strengthen the relationship between “library and customer”. The New York Times is America’s paper of record.

Established in 1929, the New Mexico State Library is a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, under the direction of the New Mexico Library Commission. Programs and exhibits are generously supported by the New Mexico State Library Foundation through generous donor support. The New Mexico State Library provides services that support public and tribal libraries, provides direct library services to rural populations, state agencies, the visually impaired and physically disabled, and students and citizens conducting research. The library supports public libraries by providing consulting services, providing training and continuing education opportunities, administering the librarian certification program, coordinating a statewide summer reading program and tribal library program, and administering state and federal grants to public libraries.

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