Oakmont Capital Services Reaches 25-Year Milestone

Oakmont Capital Services Reaches 25-Year Milestone

Oakmont Capital Services will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. Founded in 1998 as an equipment finance broker with Joe Leonard, CLFP, at the helm, the company’s journey has been a winding road over the past two and a half decades. OCS has matured into a direct lender with offices in West Chester, PA and Albany, MN, and a staff of more than 60 finance professionals.

“When OCS first started, I served as an independent salesperson focused on equipment rental origination opportunities,” said Leonard, who is president and CEO of OCS. “Working with Megan Zoba, now OCS’s vice president of documents and financing, for back-end support, we collaborated on the deal but kept our companies separate. Thankfully, we both survived the 2009 recession and maintained good banking relationships.”

In 2010, Leonard acquired a small equipment financing company and obtained funding from multiple banking and non-banking sources. Later that year, Leonard and Zoba officially merged and OCS continued its journey as an independent financial company. Leonard and Zoba slowly began adding sales and operations staff, with continued year-over-year growth and profitability, brokering every origin.

In 2013, OCS began to develop a path to growth, launching a front-end system, revising annual financial statements and obtaining a warehouse credit line to allow for increased revenue through small portfolio sales. OCS invested in a front-end CRM system powered by Microsoft Dynamics and secured additional funding through Quaint Oak Bank.

During 2017, OCS continued to expand year-over-year in both revenue and employees, diversifying funding sources. OCS began to hold loans and leases for select equipment in-house, while conducting all asset management and collection activities in-house.

In 2018, OCS opened a satellite office in Albany, MN, employing 11 equipment finance professionals. The addition of the team in Minnesota brought increased strength and leadership in many operational and sales areas, along with a new approach to increasing efficiency and technologies.

Over the next few years, OCS continued to expand its staff, improve operations and efficiency, and advance technological solutions. In 2021, OCS and Quaint Oak Bank merged to form Oakmont Capital Holdings (dba Oakmont Capital Services), with Leonard and Zoba adding Daryn Lecy, CLFP, OCS vice president and COO, to the partnership. OCS also revised its CRM to better serve customers and partners. In 2022, OCS added its 50th and then 60th employees and more than doubled its pedigree from the previous year.

“While OCS enjoys continued growth, we recognize that our employees are our company’s most valuable assets. “We couldn’t have made it happen without the A team we have in place,” Leonard said.

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