“Some folks need a gun. And some folks don’t need no gun. It’s just bad,” Albany residents experience acts of violence

“Some folks need a gun. And some folks don’t need no gun. It’s just bad,” Albany residents experience acts of violence

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – An Albany lady is coming ahead after her dwelling was just lately hit in a drive-by taking pictures. This comes after quite a few violent crimes have occurred all through the town of the nice life.

The taking pictures occurred on West Highland Avenue on Friday, October 28. A girl says she, her son and grandson have been dwelling.

According to the police report, the aged lady was in her den watching TV when she heard gunshots round 9:40 p.m.

“I heard a ‘boom, boom, boom, boom. And I heard the shooting going on,” the victim said. “And then he (the victim’s grandson) said ‘grandma, someone is shooting at the house.’ You know, he and I were in the room. And then he had made hot food to go eat. And he said he was sitting there when he saw the bullet go in. Once it happened, God wouldn’t let it hit him. And he dropped his plate.”

The lady says she has no concept why somebody would shoot into her dwelling. She says that neither she nor her kin have had any quarrel with anybody that might lead to her home being shot up.

Photo of a bullet hole through a home in Albany.
Photo of a bullet gap by means of a dwelling in Albany.(WALB)

While visiting the neighborhood, WALB spoke to a number of individuals who stay close by who say their properties have additionally been randomly shot at.

“Some people need a gun. And some people don’t need guns. It’s just bad. Police recovered about nine bullets. And then there was a bullet that came out of the wall there. And a bullet is still in the fridge,” mentioned the sufferer.

The sufferer’s daughter says that on the day of the taking pictures, she noticed a cream-colored automobile pulled up in entrance of her mom’s residence. She says that the automobile was parked there for over quarter-hour.

She ultimately noticed a man get out of the automobile on the passenger aspect. He was carrying a black shirt, gentle coloured pants and should have dreadlocks.

Shortly after returning inside her dwelling, she says she heard gunshots. After she received out, the automobile was gone.

“If I feel like somebody’s after somebody, if you want to do something like that, just go find that person. Talk to them. And say ‘Hey, something went wrong. I really need to talk to you about whatever it is,” she said. “Don’t go taking pictures somebody’s home. You know, pondering that is high-quality and that is okay. Because everybody has a mom, they’ve a grandmother and I’ve a mom.”

The sufferer’s home was hit with a number of bullets.

The sufferer’s daughter says she would ask the perpetrators to return ahead. And that on this scenario, she doesn’t consider that legislation enforcement officers have finished a thorough job.

“I don’t think the police did a good job. It was an officer who came. No one else came,” she mentioned. “No one has returned since then. They may have been scared themselves. All gunfire. They may have been afraid to come to the area themselves.”

She says she knows other people who have experienced similar situations. And that when the police are called to areas like this, they believe there is no sense of urgency.

“They have been scared. That’s all,” she said. “You can name the police, they will most likely say, you recognize, ‘This is going on, that is taking place.’ It looks as if they’re afraid to return for those who name them. I want one change could be for them to get all these weapons out of the best way. If they did not purchase them and acquired them themselves, get them out of the best way. If they get them off the highway, the roads is perhaps a little higher.”

The sufferer herself says she believes extra must be finished on either side.

“They ought to have some cops patrolling down right here. That’s what they actually need to do. Get somebody to patrol down right here. It is tough from this aspect right here,” she said.

The event was responded to by the Albany Police Department. WALB contacted the department about the incident at the time of posting, they have not yet heard back.

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