Spring cocktails in Albany, Saratoga, Troy made with vodka, tequila

Spring cocktails in Albany, Saratoga, Troy made with vodka, tequila

All the signs of spring are here with trees in bud and a green, refreshing mentality hitting restaurant menus and cocktail lists. From pea pods that light up a signature cocktail at Frankie Bird in Troy to the chair that underpins a vodka cocktail at Seneca in Saratoga Springs, this month’s cocktail roundup is full of the joys of the season.

Drink: Orchard and Broome

Where to find it: Frankie Bird, Troy; @frankiebirdtroy on Instagram

Formerly known as The Daisy, a taco and cocktail bar, Frankie Bird has assembled a half-dozen hot cocktails for their menu, along with a special inspired by the weather du jour. With the sun shining, it’s not surprising to find a signature drink with no name built around sweet peas, gin, peas, ginger, mint, lime, agave, and as green as the little shoots sprouting along the sidewalks of Troy. But since it’s unpredictably available, you can find spring refreshment in the Orchard and Broome, a cucumber-based, tequila-based cocktail named after the intersection of two streets on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s made with Ancho Reyes Verde, triple sec, lime, cucumber and grapefruit bitters and served in a rocks glass over ice. Ancho Reyes Verde Mexican Liqueur uses early-harvest green chilies that deliver fresh green pepper notes instead of the smokiness in the original Ancho Reyes, from sun-dried chilies. With it, order the finely shaved brussels sprouts with tart lemon under a shower of fluffy parm or the spicy popcorn chicken, topped with more cooling cucumber and torn Thai basil.

The Orchard and Broome is a personalized take on the classic Rum and Camphor Jungle Bird, a cocktail that dates back to 1948. The Twist of Fate, another Frankie Bird original, plays off the warm, sweet smoke of mezcal, honey and nutmeg against bourbon and Belle de Brillet pear liqueur, for a smoky pear riff on an apple cider toddy. In the unfortunate event that we get April snow, this is your cold remedy.

Ingredients: CELERYAC

Drink: Celery Root Gimlet Riff

Where to find it: Seneca, Saratoga Springs; seneca-saratoga.com

Veteran bartender Nick Caswell has been behind the stick in Capital Region bars since the much-missed Daisy Baker’s was a scene in downtown Troy, and his creative cocktails have anchored the menu at Seneca since its 2019 opening in Saratoga Springs. Among the most popular is the Celery Root Gimlet Riff in which he shakes celery (celery root), lemon juice, celery and cardamom bitters with celery-infused vodka over ice. Poured into a bowl topped with celery salt and pepper, with more cracked black pepper on top, it’s almost a slaw, but sweet enough to deserve a spot as a happy hour appetizer. While the Gimlet Riff remains year-round, Caswell updates the cocktail menu with seasonal flavors like a Smoking Old Fashioned with roasted dandelion root liqueur, smoked rosemary and bark bitters, and thyme demerara simple syrup. Tell me that doesn’t sound exactly like the smell of the earth right after the snow melts.

Ingredients: Ginger

Drink: Dignity

Where to find it: Albany War Room Tavern, Albany; albanywarroom.com

The War Room Tavern burst onto the scene in downtown Albany with more political faces than election night. Past and present governors are frequent flyers, New York City Mayor Eric Adams seems to be there every week, and former NFL quarterback Antonio Brown has made appearances at the venue’s War Room Tavern and three-story cigar lounge. neighbor With owner Todd Shapiro’s collection of political ephemera adorning the walls, it’s no surprise to find politics on the menu. The cocktails make subtle nods to history and political persuasion: The Pioneer is based on Plymouth gin and the Lady Liberty takes the old saying “when life gives you lemons” to heart in a combination of limoncello, Stoli vodka, fresh mixed lemon and sugar, shaken. and served.

The King of Conspiracy pairs Woodford Reserve bourbon with apple cider, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, but The Dignitary takes the ginger further, combining Domaine Canton ginger liqueur with Great Jones bourbon, blended lemon, sugar and ginger sweetened into a candied ginger. in an old fashion. Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, it’s worth perusing the dining menu filled with presidential and gubernatorial dishes, from FDR’s grilled cheese to Teddy Roosevelt’s fried chicken.

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