KSI calls out former UFC star, David Haye opponent, and Jake Paul after stopping Faze Temper

KSI calls out former UFC star, David Haye opponent, and Jake Paul after stopping Faze Temper

KSI wins in the first round

KSI is improving. A right hand followed by a left is all that is needed in the first round. Faze Temper is in bad shape and he fails to beat the count. KSI supporters are going crazy. Will we see KSI vs. Jake Paul this year?

Slim squeezes Tom Zanetti in a grueling battle

Tom Zanetti and Slim delivered a mini-classic in front of an appreciative crowd as they gave it their all for four rounds. Both men had their moments, but it was Slim who got the nod on the judges’ scorecards.

MF DAZN X Series 005 was announced

Jay Swingler will face Nicholai Perrett at the next MF DAZN X Series event on February 25th.

Salt Papi knocks out Josh Brueckner

Salt Papi’s stunning left hand is enough to stop Josh Brueckner. The Tik Tok sensation was patient during the early stages of the fight and he landed the jab early in the second round to end matters before Brueckner could beat the count.

Alcaraz defeats BDave in a thriller

Luis Alcaraz was the winner against BD, but he will be injured for the next few days after putting in a great contest. KSI’s former opponent was tonight’s mystery opponent, and despite scoring a knockdown in the second round, he was forced to go the distance after BDave answered everything.

Luis Alcaraz is the mysterious adversary of the BDs

Everyone was eager to see who BDave’s mystery opponent was and there was some applause when Luis Alcaraz, a former KSI opponent, came out of the curtain.

Swarmz stop Ryan Taylor

There is some booing from the crowd as Ryan Taylor refuses to fight to go after what looks like a hurt nose. Taylor’s trainer and ring doctor agree that Taylor can continue, but the YouTube star complains about the injury and will not continue.

Elle Brooke scores stunning first round victory

Elle Brooke was relentless as she stopped Faith Ordway in the opening session. Brooke started quickly and her brave start paid off as she dropped Ordway in the opening seconds. Brooke continued her attack and the bout was reasonably stopped.

Taylor somehow survives against Virgo

Idris Virgo was able to beat Anthony Taylor twice, but the popular Brit had to settle for a points win. Taylor started with confidence, but it was knocked out of him when he was knocked down in the third round. Virgo managed to repeat that feat in the final session and it was no surprise that he took the decision at the end of four rounds with a score of 40-32.

The action is almost underway

The big show is almost upon us. Less than 30 minutes until the start of MF & DAZN: X Series 004.

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