Numerous NY Jets players are begging Aaron Rodgers to join them

Numerous NY Jets players are begging Aaron Rodgers to join them

The New York Jets are making a full-field push to sign Aaron Rodgers, with multiple players pleading for him to join the team on Twitter.

The New York Jets are putting a full-court press on Aaron Rodgers

On Wednesday — the day after Aaron Rodgers’ Tuesday meeting with the New York Jets in California — it felt like the entire Jets organization was joining forces to bring Rodgers to New York. Countless players are taking to social media with their pitches for the four-time MVP to wear a different shade of green.

Sauce Gardner, Quinnen Williams, Tyler Conklin, Will Parks and Justin Hardee have all joined Wednesday’s recruiting charge, each tagging Rodgers in a tweet that has him joining the Jets.

Williams built his pitch around Rodgers’ off-field interests. “I know some amazing golf courses in New Jersey and NYC that I can golf all season long,” Williams tweeted.

Hardee’s pitch centered around dreams of a parade down the Canyon of Heroes. “No [Rodgers] let’s go get that ring bro bring new york city what it’s been waiting for!! It will be special,” Hardee wrote on Twitter.

Parks took a more open approach. “Ayo Aaron bring that ass over here,” Parks opened. “You know what it is with us. Thanks in advance bro. We appreciate it.”

Conklin, who would catch passes from Rodgers, made sure to let him know how much he would help the Jets’ offense. “Bringing a Super Bowl to NY would be legendary. You take everyone in this offense to the next level. Let’s do it. Out of the dark in NY. See you soon.”

Even Robert Saleh’s brother, David, posted a tweet admonishing Rodgers about the joy of playing for the Jets fan base, writing, “[Rodgers]….. There is nothing sweeter than hearing the fans sing JETS JETS! JETS! JETS!”.

Sauce Gardner is keeping his promise to burn the cheese head to bring Rodgers to New York. He tweeted a photo of a fire globe he bought along with a photo of himself holding the cheese head, hinting that he will indeed be burning the famous hat piece in an attempt to lure Rodgers to the Big Apple.

Gardner also teased that he will tell Jets fans about Rodgers on his YouTube channel on Friday.

CJ Uzomah talked about the idea of ​​playing with Rodgers on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, saying, “As far as Aaron, you catch passes from a future Hall of Famer, you’re not going to be upset about that.”

Ironically, Uzomah’s appearance on NFL Network came on the same day the Jets restructured his contract to clear $3.6 million in cap space — which could be used for Rodgers.

It’s clear the Jets want Rodgers. Does Rodgers want the Jets?

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