Seahawks vs. 49ers, NFL Playoffs 2023: Live game updates, highlights, score summary, recap

Seahawks vs. 49ers, NFL Playoffs 2023: Live game updates, highlights, score summary, recap

The Seattle Seahawks pushed the heavily favored San Francisco 49ers through three quarters, but the talent mismatch was too great to overcome. A 17-16 halftime lead gave way to a 25-0 second half by the 49ers before the Seahawks finished the scoring with a garbage-time punt. A 41-23 win for San Francisco to make that super sweep over the Seahawks—two in the regular season, one in the playoffs—and they’ll play in the NFC divisional round against one of the Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Minnesota Vikings.

Geno Smith had two touchdown passes and two turnovers, one of them a costly fumble in the 3rd quarter when the game was still close. Ken Walker had a fumble in the first half when Seattle’s ground game was working.

The defense? Yes. They gave up 505 yards of offense and forced just one punt. It was truly an extremely terrible show and Brock Purdy carved them. Three touchdown passes, one rushing touchdown, 330 yards through the air, and that’s not even mentioning that Christian McCaffrey had 119 yards on the ground and Deebo Samuel had 133 yards through the air.

A hell of a season, but a performance that underscores just how far the Seahawks are from the NFL’s elite.

Quarter I

The Seahawks started on offense and got a nine-yard carry from rookie running back Kenneth Walker III on the game’s opening play. That’s all they got. Walker was tackled on 2nd down and Geno was sacked by Arik Armstead on 3rd down.

Brock Purdy’s first pass was way over Deebo Samuel’s head. His second was an open Brandon Aiyuk to move the chains, and then Samuel broke free for a 22-yard run to the outside. An end zone throw to Jauan Jennings was broken up by Tariq Woolen and a 3-and-3 was knocked down by Cody Barton. Robbie Gould took the 49ers on board. 3-0 49.

Again the Seahawks found themselves in a favorable 3rd and 2 position against this vaunted 49ers defense. This time they run it with Geno outside, but he doesn’t get a block and it’s three-and-out time again. A 67-yard run by Christian McCaffrey put the 49ers in the red zone. McCaffrey would be the recipient of a Purdy. passing the kicker in a scrimmage drill a few plays later. 10-0 49.

Geno Smith scored the 3rd-and-5 conversion on a quick throw to DK Metcalf. The Seahawks badly needed this. On the next play he picked off Tyler Lockett on a short pass and then Ken Walker converted on a second-and-4 run. Geno got into field goal range after avoiding pressure and hitting a third down throw to Tyler Lockett to put the Seahawks out of the red zone.

2nd quarter

Seattle had first-and-goal on a Kenneth Walker punt at the San Francisco 7-yard line. Walker’s next carry saw him run past Dre Greenlaw and into the end zone. 10-7 49 years old.

A huge offside kick to Brandon Aiyuk started the 49ers’ ensuing possession. Purdy scrambled for a first down two plays later, but then skipped an open Deebo Samuel to an unopen Brandon Aiyuk and threw an incomplete pass. The next throw was easy for George Kittle, who ran past Cody Barton and Coby Bryant for a first down inside the Seattle 30. In the red zone, Bruce Irvin sacked Purdy after initial pressure from Poona Ford. A layup on 3rd and 17 set up a short field goal for Robbie Gould. 13-7 49 years old.

The Seahawks lacked explosive plays against the 49ers, so how about a deep shot from Geno to DK? Red line ball to DK Metcalf for 50 yards and a call to the house on Charvarius Ward! 14-13 Seahawks.

San Francisco went on a three-and-a-half run as the sun peaked across the Santa Clara sky, scoring the first point of the entire 49er half. Seattle was looking to extend their lead, but instead punted after just one first down. Two curious runs to DeeJay Dallas from the two-minute warning resulted in a fumble. Brandon Aiyuk was left open for a big play in Seattle territory, passing a Tariq Woolen pass. Deebo Samuel converted 3rd and 10 at the Seattle 28. After two throws, Purdy’s end zone throw to Deebo was intercepted by Michael Jackson. Robbie Gould kicked another wicket. 16-14 49 years old.

The Seahawks returned a punt at their own 38 with :09 left and still had three timeouts. Geno Smith fumbled and then got a big late hit from Jimmie Ward that gave them another 15 yards. Jason Myers attempted one of the 56… Got it! 17-16 Seahawks.

3rd quarter

The 49ers looked to retake the halftime lead. Purdy broke through the defensive line for a first down to avoid a three-and-out, then hit George Kittle up the middle for a 23-yard gain in Seahawks territory. They took half the quarter away and converted a 3rd and 7 with a 21-yard Deebo Samuel catch-and-run that saw Tariq Woolen sacked by Cody Barton. Brock Purdy came in on a one-yard steal. 23-17 49 years old.

The Seahawks responded with some critical plays for DK Metcalf. Geno found DK for a big hit on an intermediate cross to get into 49’s territory. On 3rd and 12, Smith hit Metcalf on a slant and he caught it after a trick and passed the sticks to pass the 100-yard mark for the day. In the red zone, an illegal downfield penalty brought them down 5 yards and then Geno was sacked by Charles Omenihu on 3rd and 14. Nick Bosa was on hand to recover. Brutal turnover.

4th quarter

A long offside pass to Jauan Jennings set up the go-ahead field goal for the 49ers. Two plays later, Purdy got away from Bruce Irvin and hit an uncovered Elijah Mitchell at the checkpoint for the touchdown. George Kittle caught the ensuing two-point conversion. 31-17 49 years old.

Penalties on the Seahawks’ offensive line destroyed their must-play possession and the 49ers put the dagger in. Purdy to Deebo Samuel on a short route that turned into a call. He ran down the sideline and left. 38-17 49 years old.

Geno was chosen by Deommodore Lenoir at the first screening of the next film. Time to kill an extra hour and kick a field goal. 41-17 49 years old.

In garbage time, Geno Smith threw a touchdown pass to DK Metcalf to complete the scoring. 41-23 49ers FINAL.

Summary of points

First Quarter: Robbie Gould 34-yard field goal – SEA 0, SF 3

1st quarter: Christian McCaffrey touchdown pass by Brock Purdy – SEA 0, SF 10

2nd quarter: Kenneth Walker III 7-yard touchdown run – SEA 7, SF 10

Second Quarter: Robbie Gould 33-yard field goal – SEA 7, SF 13

2nd quarter: DK Metcalf 50-yard touchdown run by Geno Smith – SEA 14, SF 13

Second quarter: Robbie Gould 46-yard field goal – SEA 14, SF 16

2nd Quarter: Jason Myers 56-yard field goal – SEA 17, SF 16

3rd quarter: Brock Purdy 1-yard touchdown – SEA 17, SF 23

4th quarter: Elijah Mitchell 7-yard pass from Brock Purdy – SEA 17, SF 31

4th Quarter: Deebo Samuel 74-yard touchdown run by Brock Purdy – SEA 17, SF 38

4th Quarter: Robbie Gould 31-yard field goal – SEA 17, SF 41

4th quarter: DK Metcalf 3-yard pass from Geno Smith – SEA 23, SF 41

Seahawks injury report

Ryan Neal left the game with a knee injury in the 4th quarter.

Next week’s opponent

Out of season.

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