Hands-on: Does this MagSafe Duo alternative solve the problems of Apple’s own?

Hands-on: Does this MagSafe Duo alternative solve the problems of Apple’s own?

When Apple released the Magsafe Duo in December 2020, most people (myself included) thought it was a great idea. A MagSafe charger that can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch in a slim, foldable and portable design. It was also one of the few chargers to support 15W fast wireless charging for the iPhone.

But for $129 all you got was the charger itself and a short, 1 meter, USB-C to Lightning cable. That means if you want to get the full fast-charging power of the MagSafe Duo, you’ll need to buy a 30W charging brick from Apple, which will now cost you $36 (there are more affordable chargers, not Apple, 30 W available). And then the last point was, what if you travel with a third device like AirPods or a secondary phone? You can only charge 2 devices at once, one is Apple Watch, with MagSafe Duo.

My new favorite travel charger

Step by step Zeera MegFold foldable wireless charger. I’ve been using this triple charger as my only travel charging companion. It does everything you need to do in the same form factor as the MagSafe duo, while also including a third wireless charging pad for a third device.

Zeera Megfold Charging Features:

Instantly charge iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods First charging panel charging up to 15W (7.5W for iPhone) Second charging panel charging up to 5W Apple Watch charger up to 5W Unfolds, can be folded into a base, can be fully folded into the single charger Compatible with Qi-enabled device Powered by USB-C LED indicator lights to show which panel is charging Stand mode fully unfolded Single charger mode

This charger goes with me wherever I go, be it hotel room, office, airplane and everything in between. I like to carry a single charging brick and USB-C cable when I travel, this triple charger allows me to do that and avoid bringing the dreaded lightning cable.

A few things to note are that it doesn’t come with a charging brick (Zeera recommends a PD 20W or higher charger) and that it’s not MagSafe-certified, it’s MagSafe-compatible. It means that the MagSafe panel only charges the iPhone at speeds of up to 7.5W (which is more than enough for an overnight charge).

The Zeera MegFold is available from Zeera’s website for $49.99, $70 cheaper than Apple’s MagSafe Duo.

Getting 9to5mac

While the MagSafe Duo is a great option for those who want to stick with Apple-certified accessories, the Zeera Megfold gives Apple users another, high-quality option at a much more affordable price while still offering the ability additional charge.

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