It’s Time To Hear About What’s Being Content Vaulted With Destiny 2: Lightfall

It’s Time To Hear About What’s Being Content Vaulted With Destiny 2: Lightfall

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We’re now under 50 days away from the release of Lightfall and I’m sure a full press release will be released with information regarding the upcoming expansion and subsequent season. But that’s the good news, and at some point, I’m going to need Bungie to hit me with the bad news.

Bungie has said one thing very specifically, they are not making any more sequel expansions. This is after they’ve vaulted all of Destiny 2’s vanilla campaign content, two full DLCs, and the Forsaken expansion campaign. They said they want people to be able to play the “Light and Darkness” saga, which they believe begins with the Shadowkeep campaign, in its entirety.

So that takes a few things off the board. You can’t have the Shadowkeep campaign without the moon. You can’t have the Beyond Light campaign without Europa. You can’t have the Witch Queen campaign without Throne World. The City of Dreams was deliberately saved from destruction when the Forsaken were vaulted. But that leaves a number of open questions that I think Bungie needs to answer soon. Because they haven’t said anything is being leaked from here, namely seasonal content is still coming out. But are there any exceptions? Things I want to know:

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Bungie Will either/both PsiOps Battlegrounds or Heist Battlegrounds be saved and added to the Vanguard playlist, similar to what happened with Chosen Battlegrounds last year? Is the best mission of year 5, Operation Seraph’s Shield, which appeared only a few weeks ago, actually being hidden after a month and a half, or is there any chance to save it? (and what about the dog?) Is there any large-scale area wipe this time, with the main vulnerable areas appearing to be the EDZ, Nessus, or the Cosmodrome? Will there be another Crucible map? I can’t imagine the Gambit maps will be, considering we’re only down to four already.

What I hope the plan going forward is that Bungie will reduce the content vault to only seasonal content going forward, but at the same time save things within the vault, like Battlegrounds to put in the playlist or particularly good exotic missions. I think a priority should be for Bungie to find a way to bring past exotic missions like Whisper, Zero Hour and Presage back into the Legends tab somehow, as it’s wild to produce such good content and just do it immovable, forever. to save space. You literally can’t play the best missions in Destiny history right now, and that’s absurd.

Bungie themselves seem to understand how much the community hates the content arc, so they’re trying to balance the technical need to do so while keeping what they can and not cutting as deep as they once did. I think the community can agree to make some compromises. As silly as it is to say Leviathan, return Leviathan as Forsaken Leviathan, and then return it with the vault, at least I understand that it doesn’t serve much of a purpose, and if you have to cut something, I understand. But I hope we can at least stop this destruction of old content and core areas and start seeing things come back from the content vault. We just got a pretty big chunk of March with Season of the Seraph. Instead of bringing that bit back, I’d like to see everything back, including the old kicks. This should not seem like the pipe dream that it potentially is, under this current system.

My guess is that content retention will be one of the last things we hear about before Lightfall, but I think it might be best to start confirming what’s staying and going now.

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