Overwatch 2 players notice unfinished weapon design on new Orisa javelin skin

Overwatch 2 players notice unfinished weapon design on new Orisa javelin skin

Jeremy Gunn

❘ Published: 2023-03-09T00:17:29

❘ Updated: 2023-03-09T00: 17:42

Overwatch 2 players are noticing that Blizzard has sneakily added an Orisa spear skin for a newer legendary, but it appears to be in an unfinished state.

Ever since Overwatch 2’s rework of Orisa, which gave her a spear, many players have been asking for a new skin for the Hero’s weapon. Currently, changing the skin only changes Orisa’s body, not the weapon, as it does for many other heroes. This is especially noticeable when it comes to legendary skins.

Now, however, in the latest Overwatch 2 update, Blizzard seems to have added the first weapon skin change of its kind, albeit in an unfinished state.

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The newly added spear design is part of Orissa’s Forest Spirit skin. Released in 2018 as part of the year’s anniversary pack, Blizzard seems to have decided that it will be the first skin to test the spear skin. Being a legendary and fan favorite skin for the Orissa network, it seemed like a good fit.

However, users have noted that the spear looks unfinished in its current state. The spear skin, a crude wooden spear with a metal tip and leaves adorning it, is a decent addition to the Forest Spirit skin, except it lacks detail.

Blizzard / Reddit: boyardeebandit iOrisa’s new Javelin isn’t finished yet.

The spear skin was not part of the announcement during the mid-season patch, though Orisa did get a nerf. It was only discovered when players happened to notice it in their inventories.

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The spear, now re-skinned in an unfinished state, lacks the skin of other weapon skins that Overwatch has, with textures not clearly detailed and raw looks, leading to an overall blurry look.

But despite its odd appearance at the moment, players are glad for its existence as it could herald new cosmetic options for the Hero yet to come. Many mentioned in a Reddit thread that the main reason they were hesitant to buy any Orisa skins was the lack of aesthetic changes to her spear. Now, it appears that these concerns may soon be alleviated.

So far, it is Orisa’s second skin with a spear skin. The first was the Star Sheep Orisa skin which came out alongside the release of Overwatch 2 and the Orisa rework.

The article continues after the announcement

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