The best smartwatches and wearables of CES 2023 (so far)

The best smartwatches and wearables of CES 2023 (so far)

Wondering about all the wearables and smartwatches at CES 2023? It’s often hard to keep up with the announcements, so we’ve rounded up all the coolest new products here—including a new smartwatch for women from Movano, a hybrid smartwatch from Fossil, and a simple Moto smartwatch for the elderly.

Here are the best wearables and smartwatches we’ve seen (so far) at CES 2023!

Citizen CZ Smart Sport and CZ Smart Casual

Citizen has two new Google WearOS smartwatches at CES 2023, the CZ Smart Sport and CZ Smart Casual, which differ in case size and design. Both come with a new wellness app called YouQ, which takes research on alertness and fatigue from NASA, then feeds it through an AI from IBM Watson Studio, all to help you understand how it’s doing Your Body.

The Sport model has a 44mm case and a bold bezel around the 1.28-inch AMOLED display. This frame is also separated from the Casual model, except that it is encased in a 41mm case with a more subtle design. Both smartwatches have a heart rate sensor on the back that also measures blood oxygen levels, a Snapdragon Wear 4100+ processor, and a battery expected to offer 24 hours of use. Prices start at $350 and both will be released in March.

Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition Fossil

The new Hybrid Wellness Gen 6 Edition continues Fossil’s use of an e-ink display and physical watch hands in its hybrid smartwatches, giving you the best of both worlds. E-ink consumes very little power, so you can expect two weeks of battery life. The physical hands give it a very watch-like look and ensure you can always see the time.

The smartwatch has a case size of 44mm and there are many styles to choose from – including a stainless steel finish, a black IP and a gold finish as well. The Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition has a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitoring, automatic exercise detection and various fitness tracking features. Fossil has not yet revealed the price.

Movano Evie Movano

Movano first showed off its smart ring for women at CES 2022, but didn’t give many details about it at the time. For CES 2023, Movano has given the ring a name, Evie, and detailed more about its quest for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. He also confirmed that the ring will cost $300 when it launches in 2023. Through its sensors, the Evie ring will measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels and skin temperature.

It is hoped that FDA approval will come before the smart ring is released, as this means it meets the established standards for accuracy, making Movano’s Evie ring not only desirable, but unusual in consumption equipment space. We’ve also seen the design, which is split to make the ring more comfortable to wear all the time, even if your finger swells. Movano expects the Evie ring to hit the market during the first six months of 2023.

iTouch Air 4 and Active Jillian Michaels Edition

Lifestyle wearables brand iTouch has announced a partnership with fitness app creator Jillian Michaels, who has also put her name on a special edition of the brand’s newest smartwatch, the Air 4. The exact details about the technical side of the smartwatch are limited, but we know it has a larger touchscreen than the Air 3, an updated biometric sensor, 20 different workout modes and a feature that lets you send a glowing heart icon to a friend. The feature is called LoveTap, obviously.

If you buy the Jillian Micheals Edition of the Air 4, it comes with a 90-day subscription to The Fitness App, something that will also be included with the special edition iTouch Active fitness smartwatch. The exact cost of the Jillian Michaels editions has not been confirmed, but will range from $75 to $115 when they release in the spring.

Moto Watch 100 Motorola

The Moto Watch 100 isn’t made by Motorola – it comes from a company called eBuyNow, which was also responsible for Moto’s last big smartwatch launch, the Moto 360 in 2020. The Moto Watch 100 is billed as the most affordable smartwatch upon discovery of the fall. It also features a 24-hour emergency notification and response app, making it suitable for vulnerable people living alone.

It offers heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, fitness tracking, built-in GPS, a circular LCD display, a silicone strap and an aluminum case. The Moto Watch 100 works with iOS and Android, plus the smartwatch is water resistant up to 5ATM. It joins the recently rumored Moto Watch 70 in the lineup and costs just $100. The Moto Watch 100 is available to buy now.

Oxa Life Oxa Life

Described as a wearable breathing system, Oxa Life is a combination product consisting of a smart shirt or customized bra with electrodes and a sensor built into it, ready to measure breathing, heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV). It combines the stress-relieving benefits of mindfulness and essential data about our heart and breathing to reduce stress, improve sleep and promote recovery.

It’s certainly unusual, and its appearance at CES comes after its successful Kickstarter campaign closed at the end of 2022. However, you can order the Oxa Life bundle through the company’s website, with the shirt and sensor together for a price of 400 euro, or about 423 dollars.

eSight Go to eSight

ESight Go are wearable smart glasses designed to improve vision for the visually impaired. Digital Trends previewed the eSight smart glasses at CES a few years ago, and the new lightweight eSight Go model is designed to be easier to carry in more everyday situations. It uses a combination of cameras, lenses and high-resolution displays to help those with central vision loss live more independently.

For eSight Go, the company promises a number of new features and improvements. These include new software that is easier to navigate, better image stabilization and a portable and comfortable battery pack that is worn around the neck, as well as a set of 12 megapixel cameras and OLED screens. eSight Go is expected to hit the market in late 2023.

That’s all the CES 2023 wearables we’ve got for you right now, but don’t forget to take a gander at our pick of the weirdest CES 2023 mobile gadgets we saw, too.

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