Airbnb hosts in Texas earned over $10,800 on average on short term rentals in 2022

Airbnb hosts in Texas earned over ,800 on average on short term rentals in 2022

When Airbnb host Julie Poluszejko moved from Memphis to Oak Cliff in 2019, she bought a house she could live in while earning extra income by renting out a host home for short-term stays.

Four years later, Poluszejko’s investment is yielding up to $1,600 a month in profit. Her reliable income stream from the rental site Airbnb became a financial lifeline when the non-profit she worked for collapsed and she was still able to pay the bills.

“Instead of finding a first fit for a job, I was able to find the right fit for the job,” she said of her job search. “I’ve been able to do this through contract work, but mostly because of the Airbnb income.”

Since then, it’s a side hustle that has grown into a significant source of income for him—over $21,000 a year.

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The typical Dallas host earned about $9,600 in 2022, according to Airbnb. Across Texas, hosts brought in about $10,800 in average earnings last year.

The data comes as debate rages in some North Texas communities over limiting short-term rentals. Nearly all of Dallas’ registered short-term rental properties would be outlawed under proposed regulations being considered by the City Council. A vote could happen as early as April.

In Plano, city leaders accelerated their discussion of regulations after a shooting related to a short-term rental on Feb. 26. Residents want the city to follow Arlington’s example and ban such rentals in residential areas.

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Nationally, Airbnb hosts earned about $14,000 in additional income in 2022. In total, Airbnb hosts in the US earned nearly $22 billion.

In Texas, hosts in Travis County, home of Austin, led the way with $72 million in revenue in 2022. Harris County hosts brought in $43 million and Dallas County hosts earned $29 million.

During the pandemic, Poluszejko said she hosted grandparents who needed a place to stay for three weeks so they could meet their new grandchild. Since then, she said, many of her guests are people moving to Texas who want long-term rentals for an internship, medical residency or just time to find a house or apartment.

Julie Poluszejko says she often rents out her guest house in Oak Cliff to people looking to relocate to Dallas. (Juan Figueroa / Staff Photographer)

She estimates that 60% of her guests are looking to relocate to Texas and need an immediate stay until they figure out their move. She also frequently rents out to guests visiting family.

Poluszejko hosts tenants at a guest house in Oak Cliff, where she also lives. She also has an apartment in downtown Austin that she rents out for big events, like South by Southwest or the Formula 1 race in October.

In 2021, Airbnb hosts in rural counties in Texas brought in over $115 million. That same year, Texas also ranked third in the U.S. for new host revenue — $170 million, according to Airbnb. New hosts in Dallas County earned more than $15.5 million in 2021, the company said.

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