Austin Butler stuns as Human Torch in jaw-dropping image

Austin Butler stuns as Human Torch in jaw-dropping image

Austin Butler has his sights set on playing the Human Torch in the MCU, and this incredible new art makes a bold statement about why Marvel should consider taking him up on their offer.

The Fantastic Four have had a long and storied history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have been a staple of Marvel Comics for decades. They have appeared in numerous comic book series, as well as television shows and animated films, but have yet to make their official debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ever since it was announced that the Fantastic Four would be joining the MCU, fans have been eagerly awaiting the team’s arrival, and their wish will finally be granted when Marvel Studios’ Fantastic four hits theaters in 2025.

It’s not yet known which actors will be cast as the Fantastic Four, but that’s been part of the fun as it’s given fans the chance to play the lead roles of the film. In the months since the project was first announced, there has been a lot of talk about who should play the main characters in the Fantastic Four roster.

A recent name that has surfaced in connection with the project has been Austin Butler, who received rave reviews for his performance as Elvis Presley. Hot out of the role which has already started to bring Butler recognition at this season’s biggest awards, Butler has set his sights on the MCU with a desire to play a special Marvel hero.

Thanks to some incredible fan art, we now have an idea of ​​what Butler might look like in the role, and we have to say, the end result is stunning.

What Austin Butler might look like as the Human Torch

It seems clearly inspired by recent reports suggesting that Austin Butler is interested in playing Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in Marvel’s fantastic four, digital artist Josh “” transformed the young actor into the iconic character.

In the incredible concept, Butler wears the Ironic Blue and Black Fantastic Four super suit, complete with the team’s signature logo. Of course, you can’t have the Human Torch without a flame, so it’s only fitting that one of the two concepts has a version of Butler in the middle of the transformation.

The end result is a great argument as to why Marvel should consider looking to Butler to play the character as there’s no denying the role is more than meets the eye! And how Elvis told us, he definitely has the acting chops to portray a complicated character like Johnny Storm.

Is Austin Butler playing the Human Torch in Marvel’s Fantastic Four

Currently, Marvel has yet to announce any casting decisions for its Fantastic Four movie, which means it’s not clear if Austin Butler will play Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in the movie. What we do know is that Butler is reportedly fighting hard to land the role and has been making waves in expressing his desire to play the character in the next Marvel film.

In an interview with Hot microphone podcast, Marvel insider Jeff Sneider revealed that Butler’s agents had “put him in for the Human Torch” and that there seems to be a lot of interest in helping him book the role.

This is not an uncommon practice, and given the anticipation surrounding the project, it’s understandable that an actor like Butler would step up for the role. What will be interesting is to see if Marvel listens to Butler’s desire to be involved in the project and if they can arrange a meeting that could lead to him being cast in the project.

As the aforementioned fan art shows, Butler can definitely pull off the part if given the chance. It remains to be seen if Marvel agrees.

Want to see Austin Butler suit up as Marvel’s Human Torch? Fantastic four movie? If not Butler, who would you like to see play the Human Torch? Sound off in the comments!

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