Austin Reaves Reveals What He’s Learned Playing With LeBron James

Austin Reaves Reveals What He’s Learned Playing With LeBron James

Even at age 38, LeBron James makes things a lot easier for his teammates. On the court, he opens things up in a way that no one else can, and James always seems to be able to get the ball where it needs to go.

Behind the scenes, he’s also giving the boys the wisdom and confidence they need to grow and expand their game.

That’s exactly what’s happening with young guard Austin Reaves, who is having a rookie season for the Lakers. In a recent conversation with HoopsHype, Reaves opened up about what he learned playing with Bron and how it made him a completely different player.

“Be yourself and don’t try to be somebody else,” Reaves said. “Everybody gets to this level for some reason. You’re obviously very good at basketball, but you’re really good at some things. Not everyone is going to be a star, and you have to understand that when you get to this level and understand where you can fit in and what you can do to help the team be successful. That was the main thing. Be yourself and enjoy yourself.”

Averaging 10.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game on 48.8% shooting, Reaves has been a solid contributor for the Lakers all season and should return to that level of production when he returns from injury later this season.

The biggest question for the Lakers is, do they have enough to make a playoff run this year?

Austin explains his biggest goal with the Lakers

Despite exceeding expectations as an undrafted player, Reaves isn’t thinking about personal accolades or statistical milestones. Instead, he’s just focused on winning and doing everything he can to help LeBron James and Anthony Davis succeed.

“Win, honestly. That’s all I care about,” Reaves said. “I think when you win as a team, everybody looks good on the team, whether you’re averaging 25 or 10 points. If you’re winning, you’re doing something right. It’s all about winning for me. Besides, I want to get better every year and not get complacent about where I’m at in terms of skills or even intelligence. You can always learn. ) to ever play the game, so I’ve learned from him.”

Reaves certainly has the right mindset, and there’s no question why the Lakers, and LeBron in particular, have taken such a liking to him.

Hopefully he will be able to return soon and provide the spark this team needs to make a push for the Western Conference playoffs.

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