Austin Spurs Look to Even Two-Game Series vs. Go-Go

Austin Spurs Look to Even Two-Game Series vs. Go-Go

The Austin Spurs will be looking to get the sour taste out of their mouths as they hope to even up the two-game series against the Capital City Go-Go’s on Friday night. After a disappointing 128-103 loss in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, the Spurs will need to regroup quickly and hope to take Game 2, which is sure to be a close and intense contest. Capital City is currently 4-0 since resuming after the Showcase Cup while Austin sits at 1-2. Spurs will need to have the memory of a goldfish and quickly forget Wednesday’s defeat in order to look forward to this game. The announcement for today’s match will be at 18:00

Austin Spurs vs. Capital City Go-Go Info

When: January 6, 2023
Time: 6pm CST
Location: Entertainment and Sports Arena, Washington DC
How to watch:

Austin Spurs Preview

Despite Wednesday night’s heavy loss, Spurs still had some notable performances. Big on the night was standout center Charles Bassey, who had a team-leading 29 points and seven rebounds, while Dominick Barlow had 10 points and 14 rebounds off the bench. Rookie Blake Wesley has also continued to step up his game in the G-League as he had 19 points, six rebounds and six assists.

There has been no shortage of offense for Austin this season, but the defense has been questionable in most games. This is an issue that has yet to be addressed this season and will continue to hurt Spurs as the games progress. This team is really underrated in terms of talent and physicality, but needs to clean up defensively. The Spurs are near the bottom in terms of points allowed and that is the reason many of these games are not going their way.

Go-Go Capital Preview

The Go-Go’s have looked strong since resuming after the week-long Exhibition Cup in Las Vegas. What really led to the Capitals’ win on Wednesday was the sheer amount of offensive production they had. The Go-Go’s had seven players finish in double figures, including leading scorers Jules Bernard and Davion Mintz with 18. Vernon Carey Jr. had a game-high 15 points and five rebounds. He will look to contribute more in this second game of the series. He is a man capable of dominating the boards. This makes him a great matchup against the likes of Bassey and Johnson for Austin.

The key for the capital is to move the ball quickly. They play a very fast and high tempo style of basketball. This can really blow the wind out of the defense. It could be a very difficult night for any team that has to face them. The Go-Go’s are a very strong team in the Eastern Conference. However, Austin has the talent to pull them off. Let’s see how the second game will be played tonight.

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