Award-winning actors make stage-y ‘Women Talking’ come alive

Award-winning actors make stage-y ‘Women Talking’ come alive

The first month of the year is almost halfway through, and some solvers who committed to “Dry January” may find some of their creative solutions, well, drying up. Not doing something sounds too easy, but we’d still like to hang out with friends, feel less awkward at a blues club with empty hands, and hit the town to break up the winter monotony.

These 10 ideas should make getting through the month a little easier, and you might even head into February with some helpful new habits. Whether it’s a new workout routine, an obsession with the soothing magic of CBD, or an unorthodox cleansing ritual, make Dry January work for you long after you’re done.

Housework with Martha Stewart and Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Austin’s homemade vodka brand teamed up with homemaker extraordinaire Martha Stewart for a fun but helpful video about other ways to use vodka at home besides shooting it on the roof. Stewart covers some of it in a video, and Titos emailed a few more: sprinkle it on the glass for wiping, add a quarter cup to your favorite pie dough to make it crumbly, pour it on the windshield to wipe ice and add vanilla to it for extract. The brand also donated merchandise from the partnership and donated proceeds to a number of charities.

Picnik’s gluten-free, refined sugar-free and peanut-free menu has long been a staple for Austinites looking to eliminate various toxins from their diet, so it’s no surprise to find five different drinks available on their menu. A new addition is Golden Hour (pineapple juice, mint, jalapeño and “spirit dust”). Picnik proves that dietary restrictions don’t have to be—well, restrictive: Their focus on high-quality ingredients means everyone can enjoy the meal, whether they’re trying to eat healthier or not.

Free Community Fitness and Wellness Classes from Swift Fit Events
Instead of brunch and Bloody Marys, Swift Fit has replaced your weekend routine at no cost. It’s not a studio promotion; Swift Fit is always free and suitable for all levels. These classes can keep someone busy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at Republic Square Park, Boggy Creek, and more. In the spirit of dry January, consider stopping for yoga at Fareground Tuesday, where you can hang out for lunch at one of several food hall-style vendors.

Roosevelt Room
You don’t have to stop frequenting your favorite cocktail bars just because you’re out of alcohol this month. One of downtown Austin’s best cocktail joints is keeping up with your resolutions by offering not one, but three different non-alcoholic libations, each designed to replicate the classic cocktail you might be missing. or you can’t miss it. Na’groni contains zero proof Monday gin, Giffard aperitif bitter syrup, Verjus Rouge, gentian tea, caramel, glycerin, salt solution and orange oils. Castaway is a more tropical option, with mint, cucumber, lime juice, coconut cream, ginger beer and a sweet herb infusion. Finally, the fruitier Glitter and Marigold contains orange juice, orange blossom water, pistachio extract, vanilla bean, cream and cinnamon powder.

The Bar and Terrace of Stephen F
Why not sip your mocktail from one of the most picturesque patios in town: Stephen F’s Bar and Terrace boasts views along Congress Avenue, located in the historic Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel. And while the views are definitely scratch-proof, the menu also features some innovative and delicious non-alcoholic concoctions. Miss Scarlet is a spin on the iconic ‘Clue’ character, containing grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, spiked syrup, egg white foam and tonic water. Also refreshing is the Sand Castle, served with real coconut, half and half, honey syrup, orange juice, club soda and garnished with freshly ground black pepper.

Real food kitchen
Mocktails can be fun, but they can also be overly sweet, expensive. True Food Kitchen is working against this type of menu with “homemade refreshments” that aren’t trying too hard in the middle of the day. This includes Kale Aid, prickly pear tisane and apple lemonade until the end of the month. There’s also a permanent tea bar that prepares you to say things like “well, I really like a floral green over a nutty black” and know that you’ve actually prepared for it.

of Hank
Hopefully, someone has already reminded you that you can go alcohol-free any time of the year, for any length of time – not just 30 days in January. Enter Hank’s, where Glow Juice is a year-round menu staple. We’re not exactly sure what it is about Glow Juice that makes it so delicious: The menu says ginger and turmeric, but there must be a special secret ingredient that refreshes the mind and body. This drink is the perfect option whenever you just need a break from the more savory (and delicious) options at Hank’s, like frozen palomas, margaritas, and negronis. The jury is out on whether Glow Juice does, in fact, make you glow, but your internal organs will thank you.

Electrical mixing
Whether you’re looking for mocktails or something to do besides drink, a new bar on Rainey Street offers both. Electric Shuffle takes shuffleboard to a new, very stylish level with digitized tournaments and an impressive menu, regardless of your shuffling ability. The two cocktails the bar serves are the Hibiscus No-Jito ($8) with hibiscus ginger beer, simple syrup, lime and mint; and the Texas Sunset ($8) with pineapple, orange and lime juice, grenadine and Topo Chico. Reserve at

Meanwhile Brewing
Even breweries are getting into low-alcohol offerings, and Meanwhile Brewing Co. there is a selection of mocktails for almost every taste. The Gin and Tonic and Rosemary Jam Cordial is made with rosemary syrup and orange marmalade, tonic infused with orange peel, zero-proof orange bitters and Richard’s Rainwater sparkling water, while the Apple Mulled Nonny is made with cardamom, cloves and maple syrup. spices, apples. peel oleo saccharum and lightly steeped gray tea. But the Hugo (mint and elderflower syrup, lemon soda and Richard’s rainwater) seems to be a staff favourite, with interim general manager Trenten Relles describing it as a “bright and bright Croatian classic citrus fruits from the state with floral flavors, fresh and crushed.”

Early bird CBD infusions around town
If you’re happy to trade one vice for another, CBD can provide a low, legal high (if any at all, depending on dose and sensitivity) with many health benefits, including reduced anxiety, better sleep, pain relief and reduced cravings for addictive substances. Earlybird CBD Full Spectrum Infusion (containing all of its natural compounds) is available in cocktails at Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden, Brew & Brew, Ani’s Day & Night and Maie Day. It’s also available in four-packs of cider from Fairweather Cider Co. Check the store locator at

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