Carolyn Bogott: Every day of work is a joy – Austin Daily Herald

Carolyn Bogott: Every day of work is a joy – Austin Daily Herald

Carolyn Bogott: Every work day is a joy

Published 17:54 Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Stacy Wisemore

Stacy Wisemore says she enjoys every day of her job at the Salvation Army as an office manager/volunteer coordinator, as well as occasionally filling in as a case manager.

“I found where I really want to be,” she said. “At the end of each day, I know I’ve helped at least one person.”

Her eyes light up as she describes all the things she does in those roles. Bruce Richardson, one of her long-time regular volunteers said, “Stacy is the type of employee any business would love to have. In addition to multitasking as her work has grown, she has been able to do a lot that didn’t involve her, from driving trucks to cooking dinner to tending to social needs when others weren’t able. She doesn’t shy away from service.”

Modestly, Stacy said she does whatever needs to be done, just like the rest of the Salvation Army staff.

This versatile woman likes that she can be a part of helping people in many ways. These ways include providing hot meals at the center, the food shelf, short-term housing assistance (which is first month’s rent assistance and utility assistance), transportation (gas cards for out-of-county medical appointments), assistance with prescription and coupons for clothing and household items at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. In addition, the Salvation Army can provide referrals for financial training, day care needs and job search assistance.

Stacy’s favorite part of the job is visiting with clients. She is on the “front line” to reach those who come with many needs and problems. Everyone has a unique story. She regrets that many members of our community are quick to judge others and are not welcoming to everyone.

She also notes that, unfortunately, our homeless population is growing. And only with its recent growth has this issue been given attention by community leadership. The Salvation Army has long been aware of homeless people in Austin and advocated for help. Stacy is happy this is finally being addressed by civic leadership.

Helping people has always been a part of Stacy’s work choices. She first worked in assisted living and senior home care and for 16 years ran an in-home day care for children. Her work for the Salvation Army began with volunteering at the thrift store. She then moved on to office work and later to overseeing the donation center. She then became assistant manager of the grocery store, before assuming her current position.

Recently there were several members of the Salvation Army junior staff out of work due to medical issues. Judy Bjorndal, a Salvation Army board member, says, “Stacy happily stepped in to maintain programming, community meals and relief duties during the absence of colleagues for an extended period of time. Plus, she does a great job at the tasks that are assigned to her on a regular basis. She has put a lot of time and energy into keeping SA running smoothly.”

Many of us think only of the work of the Salvation Army when we see or help with the buckets or angel trees during the holidays. We tend to overlook all the work that is going on day to day. How lucky we are to have this organization working in Austin and to have Stacy Wisemore give everything to this support system for some of our most vulnerable community members.

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