Central Texas law enforcement agencies unite this holiday season to help family of slain McGregor women

Central Texas law enforcement agencies unite this holiday season to help family of slain McGregor women

McGREGOR, Texas (KWTX) – Multiple law enforcement agencies are joining together to ensure the family of the two victims of McGregor’s fatal shooting in September are taken care of during the holidays.

Lori Aviles, 47, and her daughter Natalie, 20, were among five victims killed when a neighbor went on a rampage in which he also killed his partner and her two teenage children.

Lori and Natalie were random targets on their way to work and school when their lives were interrupted.

Lori is survived by two sons, both McGregor High School students, Zion, 16, and Ezra, 17, who had just left for class when the shooting happened.

Natalie was their only other sibling.

Lori’s husband, the children’s father, Mike, had just passed away in 2020 from cancer, so losing their mother and sister so soon has been a huge loss for them, according to their aunt, Renee Flores.

“My nephews are some of the strongest boys I know,” Renee wrote on social media. “In the last two years they have faced many losses, losing their father and now their mother and older sister, and although these are difficult, difficult times, God has shown them that they are not alone and that God you will always take care of them regardless of their circumstances or situation.”

The Baylor Police Department decided to “adopt” the family this Christmas by giving them a cash donation.

Renee’s husband, Martin, worked for the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department for a decade, and later the Baylor Police Department, before starting his own business.

Baylor PD presented the family with the gift and a letter that read, “One can only imagine the grief and difficulty of this season, so please know that your family continues to be in our hearts and prayers.”

“We ask that you accept this gift on behalf of the men and women of the Baylor Police Department to grant some of your family’s wishes this Christmas season.”

John Kolinek, Chief of Police, and Don Rodman, Assistant Chief of Police, concluded the letter by writing, “If there is anything we can do to support you and your family in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out. In the meantime, we’ll keep checking back to see if there’s anything we can do this holiday season.”

The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office also surprised the boys with gifts from their list, and the Robinson Police Department joined in by giving the family a gift card to Brookshire’s for groceries.

Zion and Ezra say they are very grateful for everything, adding that it “meant a lot to them.”

“There’s no way we can pay you,” Renee said. “But we pray that God bless you all always.


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