Hot button questions we’re asking about Texas football

Hot button questions we’re asking about Texas football

We are nearing the end of another football season in Texas. Despite many questions answered, there is still uncertainty surrounding the future.

Texas has put together perhaps its best recruiting class since 2010. Certainly, the class is one of the most well-rounded groups we’ve ever seen.

As the current roster goes, Texas is set to return a lot of talent. After a three-win improvement, the Longhorns look to build on the success of the 2022 season. Many are concerned about players who could leave.

We’ve covered the non-story that became a story about Xavier Worthy’s return status. If you were informed of all Worthy’s statements since that day, what did he say should ease your worries.

Let’s see how we feel about the biggest questions facing the program.

How confident are you in Xavier Worthy’s return?

90 percent.

I would have said 75 percent if you had asked me earlier. The more I consider what Worthy said and how strong his relationship with Steve Sarkisian is, the more confident I am that he will be back. Xavier is Sarkisian’s son. Much of the foundation of success Sark has built early revolves around his first and biggest recruit. Texas will make it known how important he is to the program.

How confident are you in Jaylan Ford’s return?

90 percent.

Jaylan Ford speaks passionately about the program. I have a hard time believing he ended up in Texas. I could be wrong about both Ford and Worthy. I tend to be optimistic. That being said, everything I’ve seen from Ford leads me to believe he’ll be back and leading the defense.

Will Quinn succeed in Texas?

I believe he will.

Experts almost unanimously believed that Ewers and Arch Manning were elite prospects. Both could end up with strong careers in Texas. My eyes tell me Maalik Murphy is also an NFL talent.

No one really knows how the depth chart will be resolved. However, Ewers will likely earn the starting job and could have a breakout season for Texas in 2023.

Should the bowl game be won?

Nobody wants to say that Texas has to win, but the game is extremely important. The Longhorns have a shot at a nine-win season after missing out on the Big 12 championship. A bowl win would go a long way toward building a confident 2023 team.

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