J.J. Watt’s Most Memorable Viral Moments

J.J. Watt’s Most Memorable Viral Moments

Professional football is the most popular sport in America, but in Houston, the sport is currently either (a) the bane of many Houstonians’ existence, or (b) a forgotten relic. Most Houstonians are either angry or apathetic toward pro football, and that might be the most amazing thing the Houston Texans have done – they’ve turned a football-crazy town against the sport of pro football.

So let’s get back to a place where we feel good about football and all that surrounds it – let’s talk about retired Texan legend JJ Watt!

I’d like to do a top post on Watt’s career on-field highlights, but the problem with that is the NFL makes it nearly impossible to get streaming video footage of NFL highlights into blogs like this one. So instead, we’re going to relive some of Watt’s most interesting, impressive and viral moments off the field. In my opinion, here are the six best of those moments:

JJ Watt proposes to 6-year-old daughter, January 2013
JJ Watt’s rise to social media phenom began shortly after his first true monster season as a pro, when he was the Defensive Player of the Year in 2012. Among many moments, the most memorable in the spring of 2013 was when featured a video of a 6-year-old girl complaining that she was not old enough to marry Watt. Watt saw the video, invited the girl’s family to NRG Stadium, where he immediately proposed to her to be his pretend husband for a day. That young lady is now a teenager and I wonder how tempted she was to crash Watt’s wedding ceremony to Kealia Ohai based on a contractual technicality.

JJ Watt executes a 61 inch fox jump, April 2015
Watt’s workouts over the years, especially his early seasons in the league, were legendary, and they culminated in this 61-inch box jump, a damn superhuman feat for a human being his size. After all, the intense nature of Watt’s workouts may have contributed to the wear and tear on his body as much as they helped slim him down, but damn was that beautiful.

JJ Watt raises over $40 million for Hurricane Harvey relief, September 2017
Watt’s moments online range from physically impressive to hilarious and everything in between. File this one in the “understandable and memorable” category. When this city was flooded under several feet of water, brought to its collective knees, it was Watt who raised over $40 million to help us get back on our feet.

JJ Watt hosts Saturday Night Live, February 2020
Topping the list of Watt’s regular TV appearances has to be his appearance as the celebrity host of Saturday Night Live during Super Bowl week in 2020. Watt did a great job handling everything that came with it. that has to be one of the most intimidating atmospheres to transition from sports to acting. The best skit was the one seen above called “Robbie”, a parody of the movie Rudy.

JJ Watt goes to the postgame press conference, December 2020
That was the end of a terrible 2020 season. It’s Watt saying what many Texas fans were thinking, as he laid out exactly what being a pro is all about. It would be interesting to know if he had any particular teammates in mind when he shot this blank.

JJ Watt says goodbye to Houston, February 2021
I’m not crying, I’m crying!

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