Texas Rangers investigating inmate shot, killed by corrections officer in Kyle

Texas Rangers investigating inmate shot, killed by corrections officer in Kyle

The prisoner’s family and friends shot, killed the protest to demand the release of the video

Family and friends are demanding the release of body camera and surveillance video after Joshua Wright was shot and killed by a corrections officer.

KYLE, Texas – The Texas Rangers are investigating the December in-custody death of Hays County inmate Joshua Wright.

Wright was shot and killed by a Hays County correctional officer who was guarding him while he received undisclosed medical treatment at Ascension Seton’s Kyle Hospital.

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office says Wright, in an attempt to escape, attacked the officer and ran through the emergency room. The corrections officer fired his firearm and struck Wright, HCSO said. Despite life-saving measures by medical staff, Wright died from his injuries.

The corrections officer was placed on administrative leave after Wright’s death, according to the county, but he recently returned to work pending the outcome of the investigation. The HCSO confirmed to the county that he will not be assigned to any position involving direct inmate supervision until the investigation is complete.

FULL VIDEO: Family, attorneys seek release of body camera, surveillance video after Hays County inmate shot, killed by officer

Ben Crump, a civil rights attorney who represented the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, appeared at a news conference with Joshua Wright’s family today in San Marcos to demand the release of body camera footage and surveillance video. .

On Jan. 2, attorneys for Wright’s family spoke out, demanding justice for Wright and the release of body camera footage and surveillance video.

In a statement, Hays County says the Texas Rangers have requested that the body camera video, as well as all other information related to the shooting investigation, not be released until the Rangers’ investigation is complete.

“The immediate release of body camera video and other information could adversely affect the Rangers’ ability to conduct an investigation by, among other things, affecting recollections and witness statements,” the statement said.

Hays County inmate shot, killed by corrections officer after trying to escape Kyle hospital: Sheriff

A Hays County inmate was shot and killed by a corrections officer after the inmate tried to escape from a Kyle hospital, the Hays County Sheriff’s Office said.

The county also says Ascension Seton has raised concerns about “inadvertent disclosure” of privileged third-party medical information through the video footage, meaning that when the body camera footage is released, it will have to be reviewed. and potentially be edited because of it.

The statement concludes:

“The members of the Hays County Commissioners Court have been monitoring the situation and understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the investigation, but they also recognize the grief felt by Mr. Wright’s family and the need for closure in the community. With that in mind, the members of the court will request that the state devote as many resources as possible to the investigation to help bring the Rangers’ investigation to an efficient conclusion, after which the Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office will determine a time for the public release of the camera of the video body or any other material related to the investigation”.

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