Texas Waffle House Staff Threw Pans & A Coffee Pot At Customers In A Violent Fight (VIDEO)

Texas Waffle House Staff Threw Pans & A Coffee Pot At Customers In A Violent Fight (VIDEO)

Waffle House is a fast food place to enjoy breakfast menu items and spend time with loved ones. However, a group of friends’ visit to the restaurant was not so cordial and the staff engaged in an all-out brawl over the counter.

The Austin, TX location has recently gone viral after videos surfaced of a fight that took place around December 22nd. The clip garnered millions of views and has been shared all over Twitter.

It shows a member of staff standing on the main floor talking to a group of customers who were shouting at staff behind the breakfast bar.

It quickly escalated when one of the customers jumped on a table near the cash register. When she got off it, a worker picked up a glass coffee pot and threw it on the counter at the woman, sending her crashing to the floor.

The same customer then proceeded to pick up anything he could find in the area of ​​the bar where the mats were placed and throw them back at the employees.

That’s when another Waffle House colleague started throwing pots at the woman. At the same time, the customer’s friend collapsed onto the counter and a fist fight broke out between staff and customers.

As people began to slowly break up the fight, the woman slumped behind the counter picked up a chair and threw it at the employee who first threw the coffee pot.

Narcity reached out to Waffle House seeking comment on the matter, though they did not immediately respond. However, social media users definitely had some comments and responses.

Comedian and actor Brad Williams even had a response, joking that Waffle House employees should be one of the branches of the US military.

Others compared the staff on duty to The Avengers

One user joked regarding the movie that you will need Infinity stones if you go to that Austin location.

“Waffle House employees come together when it’s time to fight some customers,” wrote another who added a gif of the superheroes getting ready to take down the villains.

As for what sparked the fight, the catalyst that unnerved both sides is unclear.

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