What the 2023 Miss Universe judges are looking for

What the 2023 Miss Universe judges are looking for

The eyes of the world are on the 71st edition of Miss Universe, which will take place tonight, January 14, 2023, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States.

Dubbed “The Biggest Celebration of Women”, over eighty women will compete in the international beauty pageant to secure the multi-million dollar crown designed by Mouawad Jewelry.

©MouawadGALLERY2022- Miss Universe 2023 crown

Dubbed the “Mouawad Force for Good Crown,” the second-generation piece holds 110 carats of blue sapphires, 48 ​​carats of white diamonds and a 45.14-carat royal blue sapphire at its center. Its value is about 5.75 million dollars.

Two weeks before the night of the show, the beauty pageants competed in preliminary competitions, including the national costume and swimsuit competition, where they used their creativity to design a blank Liva Fluid Fashion cape in collaboration with a local artist.

Each piece had to include a drawing or quote that represented the cause they proudly serve. Each beauty queen showcased her talent, charisma and compassion as she paraded confidently to convince the judges that they have what it takes to become the next Miss Universe.

©Getty ImagesGALLERY Miss Universe Swimsuit Pageant

The Miss Universe Organization selected an all-female committee for the pageant. A group of outstanding women in various industries, including sports, beauty and music. MONEY! USA had the exclusive opportunity to talk to sports journalist Emily Austin about what the 2023 committee is considering to crown the new Miss Universe.

Find out what the reporter, social media influencer and activist has to say below.

©Miss Universe / Emily AustinGALLERY Miss Universe judge Emily Austin

Only a few people can say they have had the lifetime experience of choosing a Miss Universe. How did you become a judge?

About two weeks ago, I got a call from a random number asking, “is this still Emily Austin?” I said, “yes.” She said, “Do you want to be part of the selection committee for Miss Universe?” I said, “sure.” She was a producer I had worked with when I was 18 at a celebrity boxing fight and she remembered me all these years later. I was very pleased!

Being a judge on one of the most watched beauty pageants in the world must be exciting and nerve wracking. how are you feeling tonight

I’m super excited! I know it’s going to be fast paced and I have to keep up the record making sure each woman gets 100% of my attention.

The weight of the world is on the shoulders of the committee during the 71st edition of Miss Universe. What are the judges thinking about choosing our new beauty queen?

I can summarize it as follows:



A woman who speaks well


Keeps you engaged in a conversation


Strength. It’s going to be a long year!

You have met all the competitors. Did you learn anything special from them, their dreams and their causes?

I learned that every person has something in common despite being from all over the world. Literally, everyone can find something to connect with, no matter where you’re from. Many of these women have similar causes they care about, similar struggles, similar childhood experiences and even something of a taste in music. It shows if people bothered to spend a few minutes getting to know each other, you would find something in common.

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