7 Secret Locations on Hit Netflix ‘Love’ Show Filmed in Seattle

7 Secret Locations on Hit Netflix ‘Love’ Show Filmed in Seattle

Check out all the secret and hidden filming locations for the Seattle-filmed hit show Love Is Blind season 4!

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Canva-Getty Netflix ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 is based in Seattle

Netflix launched the series ‘Love Is Blind’ in the fall of 2018, taking a group of single adults and seeing if they could fall in love without ever seeing each other. They are now in their 4th season, and it is based and filmed mostly in Seattle, Washington.

The show opens with the couples meeting in ‘pods’ where they can hear each other only through a thin transparent sheet. They absolutely do not see or touch each other during the meeting in between. This phase lasts 10 days. Episode release dates are:

Episodes 1-5 are released on Friday, March 24
Episodes 6-8 are released on Friday, March 31
Episodes 9-11 are released on Friday, April 7
The finale/wedding episode will be released on Friday, April 14

credit YouTube Netflix

credit YouTube NetflixHow bachelors finally see each other in ‘Love Is Blind’

Singles “meet” anyone they want and keep separate until they feel enough of a connection to pick one and get engaged. Once a couple decides to get engaged, they can meet face-to-face, propose and move in together instantly with cameras in tow.

The first week is a honeymoon vacation, and then they live with each other for a few more weeks in an apartment in Seattle before the wedding ceremony. Every season the producers choose bachelors from the same area, so it is easier for them to build a relationship in the future. Season 1 was based in Atlanta, season 2 was in Chicago, season 3 was in Dallas, and the current season is based in Seattle, Washington.

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credit YouTube NetflixHidden Filming Locations for Love Is Blind Seattle

During the show, there are many places around Seattle that you can see on the show where the singles went to meet. These are places where they go on dates, or even super nice apartments where couples live together before their wedding day. The show’s finale has yet to air and even though filming has wrapped, some locations are still being kept secret. However, with some discovery, I was able to find those secret places below.

credit YouTube Netflix

credit YouTube Netflix Non-Seattle Love Is Blind Filming Locations

There are 2 main locations not around the Seattle area, but mostly at the beginning of the show. Those locations are the studios where the pod scenes were filmed and then the location of their week-long “honeymoon” trip after they get engaged.

1- LA North Studios – Santa Clarita, California

The beginning of the show where the couples are getting to know each other was filmed at LA North Stages located in Santa Clarita, California. The pods were shipped to Santa Clarita, California for the second season and have remained at LA North Studios ever since. They won’t say which LA North scene the show was filmed at, but all three locations are close to each other.

-phase 1 – 5. LA North Studios. Tibbitts. 25045 Tibbitts Avenue. Santa Clarita, CA 91355. get directions.
-phase 6. LA North Studios. Rockefeller. 24834 Rockefeller Ave. Santa Clarita, CA 91355. …
-phase 7 – 8. LA North Studios. Ranch. 21401 Needham Ranch Pkwy. Santa Clarita, CA 91321.

You can learn more about these studios by clicking on the official LA North Stages website here.

2- Riviera Maya, Mexico

After 8 of the bachelorettes got engaged as 4 couples, they all traveled for a week long vacation to the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The young couples stayed at the TRS Yucatan Hotel, which is an all-inclusive resort and is also adults-only.

The hotel focuses on couples with privacy and personalized service. The average price to stay at this location starts from $300 to $550 per night and the suites cost from $700 to $800 per night. You can book your stay or find more information on their official website by clicking here.

Love Is Blind Season 4 Seattle Filming Locations.

These next 5 locations are where Love Is Blind was filmed while in Seattle, Washington. Some are the restaurants the cast have visited and one is the secret apartments the couples have lived in for most of the show.

3- Smith – Seattle, Washington

The first scene filmed in Seattle features a single named Zack. He chose the wrong woman (Irina) and realizes it very quickly on their one-week honeymoon trip. There was another woman named Bliss who Zack had a strong bond with inside the tails. Zack wanted to have a meeting with Bliss to apologize in person and see if she was interested in continuing the show and forgiving him for his mistake.

credit YouTube Bachelor Fantake

credit YouTube Bachelor Fantake

That meeting took place at a small restaurant called Smith’s in Seattle, Washington and eventually led to an engagement. You can visit Smith in person located at 332 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112, or learn more on their official website Smith.com.

4- Report – Seattle, Washington

This is a wine and beer bar where all the couples met to mingle with each other during the show. This place is called Rapport and is located at 700 Broadway E Suite A, Seattle, WA 98102. See more about Rapport in Seattle on their official website.

5- Elsom Cellars – Seattle, Washington

This is where in episode 8 all the couples get together and some other singles from the pods were invited by the producers to cause drama. Josh (a rejected single) tries to put on a show for an engaged woman on the show called Jackie after the couples get uncomfortable.

credit YouTube Bachelor Fantake

credit YouTube Bachelor Fantake

The summer bar looks nice and spacious. Even though it’s not a place released by the crew, you can tell that this is the right place by the logo on the window and the decorations on the walls. Elsom Cellars is located at 2960 4th Ave S #114, Seattle, WA 98134. Find out more on their official website by clicking here.

6- Fogón Cocina Mexicana – Seattle, Washington

In episode 6, Tiffany brings Brett to introduce him to friends at a Mexican restaurant in Seattle called Fogón Cocina Mexicana.

It is located near Cal Anderson Park at 600 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122. Learn more about this amazing restaurant on their website by clicking here.

7- Hidden Love Is Blind Apartments – Seattle, Washington

The nice apartments the couples live in for most of the show are really one of the show’s biggest secrets. The location is still being kept secret by the producers, however, Seattle fans on Reddit figured out the location. There is also a real estate website with pictures within which you can explore the interior of each room and even rent it for yourself by clicking here.

These really nice 3 level condos are now off the market but located at 209 26th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112.

Get the full recap of the latest released episodes by clicking here.

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