Alba Baptista Nationality and Religion: Things You Might Not Know About Chris Evans’ New Girlfriend

Alba Baptista Nationality and Religion: Things You Might Not Know About Chris Evans’ New Girlfriend

Alba Baptista, born July 10, 1997, is a Portuguese actress who is said to be dating Avengers: Endgame actor Chris Evans. In a recent Instagram video post titled ‘a look back in 2022’, Chris Evans showed how they teased each other by sneaking up behind them and scaring them when they entered the room.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s relationship was reported months after it first started, after a source confirmed to People that they had been dating for over a year and their relationship was serious. “They are in love and Chris has never been happier. His family and friends all adore him,” the source said.

Alba Baptista

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Alba Baptista’s career

Alba Baptista began her career in Portugal with the series Jardins Proibidos. She starred in many Portuguese shows, series and movies such as Filha da Lei and Jogo Duplo. In 2020 she rose to fame as the lead in the Netflix series Warrior Nun, from 2020-2022 which marked her English debut.

Baptista was born in Lisbon, Portugal, her mother was Portuguese and her father was Brazilian. She is a Christian. The actress attended a German school and worked as a translator in Brazil. When she turned 15, she decided to become an actress and at the age of 16 she starred as the main character in a short film, Miami. She further appeared in numerous Portuguese series, A Criação in 2017 and also in, A Impostora in the same year. And besides her native Portuguese, she can also converse in English, French, German and Spanish

Alba Baptista

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She won the Best Actress award at the Ibérico de Ciné Festival for her lead role in Miami when she was just 16 years old. She made a strong acting career in Portugal and appeared again in the 2019 film Patrick. And again in the 2020 feature film Fatima. In 2022, she played Natasha, a 1950s Dior muse in the film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

As they say, when a celebrity is reported to be in a relationship, it’s only a matter of time before they go Instagram official. The same goes for these two actors, as soon as their video came out, we all knew it was official. Basically the world today exists on social media. So, it can also be said that Instagram can make relationships official.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

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During an interview, Chris Evans opened up about his dating life and noted that there are things he can work on personally even though he’s gotten “a lot better” romantically over the years.

“You spend a lot of time learning what has been useful and what hasn’t,” Evans said. “We all have patterns, closures or baggage that repeat and echo, so I’ve really been able to identify where I need improvement and what works.”

Chris Evans stated that when the time comes, he “absolutely” wants to start a family of his own. While there has been no comment from Alba Baptista, The Independent has contacted representatives for Evans and Baptista for comment.

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