Bumpus: What Will Dissly’s injury means for the Seahawks’ offense

Bumpus: What Will Dissly’s injury means for the Seahawks’ offense

The Seahawks were dealt a major blow on Tuesday with the news that Will Dissly will miss the remainder of the regular season with a knee injury after the fifth-year veteran was placed on injured reserve.

Seahawks place TE Will Dissly on injured reserve with knee injury

Dissly, 26, has played his entire career with the Seahawks and has been a reliable pass rusher — 34 catches for 349 yards and three touchdowns — this year while continuing to be a factor as a blocker.

So what does Dissly’s absence mean for the Seahawks on offense? Former NFL receiver Michael Bumpus explained why “it hurts a little bit” during Wednesday’s Bump and Stacy on Seattle Sports 710 AM.

So what was Bump’s first reaction to the news?

I go, ‘Man, there goes 13 personnel. I will see a little more than 12 personnel,” he said.

The Seahawks have used 13 personnel a lot — one running back and three tight ends — this season with Dissly, Noah Fant and Colby Parkinson all getting plenty of playing time. With Dissly out, the Seahawks could indeed move to 12 personnel, as Bumpus said. That means one running back and two tight ends.

Being out takes away a reliable contributor for this team, Bumpus said.

“The last four to five games, he’s played 59% of the snaps,” Bumpus said. “He’s the second most targeted group on this team and he’s a tight end that’s a no-brainer because you know he can pass the block, he can run the block, he can get out there and take football. All tight ends can do that, but Will Dissly is the most well-rounded tight end (on the Seahawks) when it comes to what you ask a tight end to do.”

Now, Fant will be the one to step up, Bumpus said.

“I think he can do it. I don’t think he’s as good a blocker as Uncle Will Dissly, but I think he’s a good blocker,” he said. “I think he’s more dynamic with the football in his hands. So I think we see a little more 12 personnel, I think we see the tight end get more involved in the passing game. But not having Uncle Will will also affect his team mentally. I mean, he’s a leader there. He has been there, he’s done that, you can count on him. His catch percentage is (89.5%). It’s going to change a little bit, but not much. Just more 12 personnel.”

With Dissly out of action, can the Seahawks still get more out of using their healthy tight ends? Bumpus thinks so, especially since he, co-host Stacy Rost and Dave Wyman all spoke with Parkinson last week during The Huddle.

“We talked to Colby and he said he likes a block of pancakes. He’s going to get a block of pancakes on a reception now, so his mentality is in the right place,” Bumpus said. “I think he’s really mastered the tight end position because when he came into this league, everything what we’re thinking is red zone targets, throw a puck and let him go get it. But now he’s put on that extra weight, he’s ready to block. I think he understands the position a little bit more. I think you’re still going to be able to do a lot of things you want to do with these tight ends, we’re just not going to see 13 (personnel) as much as we’re used to seeing.”

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