“I Can Come In More Conditioned”

“I Can Come In More Conditioned”

Michal Krizo was not happy with his conditioning during the 2022 Olympics.

Michal Krizo burst onto the bodybuilding scene in 2022 and will look to improve this year. He was able to rise through the ranks quickly and qualify for the Olympics at the end of the season. Now, he is focused on improving his condition for next season and shared his plans to return to the stage for the Arnold Classic UK.

In July, Krizo made the jump from the IFBB Elite Pro League and NPC in hopes of becoming an Olympia champion. He quickly earned his Pro Card during the Italian Amateur Olympics before winning the EVLS Prague Pro, which was his first show and allowed him to punch his ticket to the biggest competition of the year. Krizo finished 12th in his first Olympics and hopes to improve his position.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2022, bodybuilding legends like Jay Cutler and Milos Sarcev have raved about Krizo’s physique after seeing him pose in person. Despite some good reviews, Krizo hopes to improve his situation.

Michal Krizo: “I was not satisfied with my condition”

It was a sprint for Michal Krizo to qualify for the Olympics and prepare for the show. He has incredible size, especially in his arms, but he wasn’t happy with the shape he had entered.

“I will have to choose wisely. I’ll look for the least contested shows. I wasn’t happy with my conditioning at Olympia because I know I can come more conditioned than that. I was already very tired”, said Krizo.

Michal Krizo was invited to Columbus to compete in the 2023 Arnold Classic, but he will not appear in the Men’s Open. He is currently not qualified for the Olympics and plans to compete in three shows to earn his place – the first being the Arnold Classic UK.

“I would love to do the Arnold Classic UK. I will definitely do the EVLS Prague Pro, but this time it’s only after Olympia, two weeks later.

It would be great if I could win EVLS Prague right after Olympia, so I would qualify for next year right away. They also invited me to the Arnold in Columbus. I met the promoter of the Arnold Classic. I wouldn’t make it. It’s early March. Holy shit, I wouldn’t make it.”

Michal Krizo has insane potential in the Men’s Open and is likely to be hyped once again. After a disappointing performance on the biggest stage, Krizo will look to improve and become a threat this season.

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