“I could have been second”

“I could have been second”

Nick Walker is one of the most exciting bodybuilders to hit the scene in recent years. Walker finished fifth in his Mr. Olympia debut in 2021. During the Mr. Olympia just concluded last month, Walker finished third in the Mr. Open Division. Olympia. Hadi Choopan won the title, while Derek Lunsford finished second.

In a video posted on January 1, 2023, Nick Walker engaged in a discussion with Guy Cisternino Jr. for the Mutant & The Mouth podcast. Walker spoke about his performance at Mr Olympia 2022. Nick said:

“I’m very happy to get third place. But I think as an overall package, I think I could have been second. Me, Derek and Hadi will probably be fighting this for years if Samson doesn’t come out of the woodwork or if Andrew I believe the three of us will be there for quite some time.”

Responding to Nick Walker’s comments that he, Choopan and Lunsford will compete at the highest level for a long time, Cisternino Jr. said:

“I think the reason the three of you are going to be there for a very long time is because the three of you have shown one thing that a lot of other competitors haven’t, and that’s in keeping with a lot of those complexities in bodybuilding. which is conditioning which is shape um which is fullness which is roundness and you guys have all come into shape now.”

Guy Cisterino Jr. also claimed that Lunsford can nail him from the back with the way he displays his physique, but he has to find a way to nail the front as well. He rated Derek’s rear as 100 percent and his front as 95 percent.

Nick Walker spoke about his fellow contestants

Nick Walker, nicknamed ‘The Mutant’, also spoke about his fellow Mr Olympia competitors. Walker said:

“I probably could have had Samson beat Ramy to be honest. Samson is a freak. I’m definitely excited to see what he can do at the Arnold, what he can do at the Olympia and next year. My personal opinion on Samson, I think he should sit out the Arnold and focus on improving more for Olympia. He can wreak a lot of havoc. His only downfall was that he wasn’t conditioned enough .”

Nick stated that Samson Dauda should skip Arnold Classic 2023 and should focus on making more improvements for Mr. Olympia 2023. Mutant also had some words of praise for Andrew Jacked saying that he made Nick and other bodybuilders look like amateurs He said:

“Andrew made us look like amateurs. When this guy was chillin’ in his little Speedo, just chillin’, you’re like, what the f**k? He’s one of the best guys, literally. Hilarious like he’s just caring, he likes to be good to everyone. He’d always have a smile on his face.”

From the way Nick Walker spoke, he gave some insight into what a good person Jacked is. Mutant also spoke about Iain Valliere’s performance at Mr Olympia 2022. Nick said:

“One of my surprises, which I’m sure he won’t want me to say will be a disappointment, was Iain. I know how hard he’d worked and how badly he wanted it. So when he works so much for a whole year to come in ready to destroy hell and the climax doesn’t go right and then you show up on stage, I felt terrible. It was heartbreaking. I felt so bad.”

Nick Walker claimed it was heartbreaking for him to see things not go as planned for Valliere. Valliere himself stated that he could not regulate sodium and water intake before Mr. Olympia during an interaction on Fouad Abiad’s YouTube channel.

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