Luxury Seattle High Rise Leverages 183-inch SI FlexGlass to Close Sales

Luxury Seattle High Rise Leverages 183-inch SI FlexGlass to Close Sales

One of the best-selling features of the luxury condominiums occupying Seattle’s iconic high-rise, the Spire, is the panoramic views of the city skyline and waterfront from many upper-level units. The visual perspective varies slightly from each settlement; floor-to-ceiling window in an apartment, the main attraction may be Mount Baker, Puget Sound or other breathtaking views.

The landscape is a key differentiator for potential buyers – a trader or squatter – but it was difficult for property developers to convey during the construction of the 42-storey, 440-metre-tall building.

Rather than risk losing a sale by leaving the spectacular panorama to the buyers’ imagination, the property developers enlisted the help of custom integration firm Wipliance, a local CE Pro 100 dealer (and 2019 CTA Integrator of the Year), to integrate a visual selling. tool in its sales center that would display views of each unit of interest as construction progressed.

“Many of the units were two or more years from completion,” says Wipliance project manager and systems designer Cameron Alavi. “The developer felt that by featuring this essential component, buyers would be more inclined to put down a deposit.”

SI FlexGlass in the Design Center; Black Diamond at the Spire Theatre

Wipliance conceived and pitched the idea of ​​a “virtual reality window” to other developers of other high-end residences in the past; Spire was the first to bite. A centerpiece of its sales center, the virtual reality window brings views of the city onto a 183-inch Screen Innovations FlexGlass display.

Alavi chose a screen size similar in dimension to the residences’ current windows and worked with a local builder to build a freestanding cabinet to seamlessly frame the screen and place an Ultra-Short Throw Epson projector behind the FlexGlass.

“The combination of FlexGlass and an Ultra-Short Throw projector was ideal for this application,” says Alavi.

“Flexible FlexGlass was much easier to use and install than a comparably sized rigid screen in a limited space like this. We were able to fit both the projector and screen neatly inside the same cabinet where the light is controlled and allows potential buyers to stand directly in front of the screen to view the presentation without blocking the projected image.”

Visitors to the Spire sales center use a mobile app to select an apartment of interest; The recorded footage captured earlier by a drone is displayed on the screen. Buyers can compare views from as many units as they like.

“This greatly simplifies the purchasing process; buyers do not have to wait for the construction of the unit to be completed to see how it looks,” adds Alavi. “We hope this sets a new benchmark for luxury condo sales.”

It seems to be working, reports Alavi. “Every time we visited the Design Center, there was a broker running the screen for customers, and we had several other area developers come in asking for our business cards,” according to the integrator.

Meanwhile, the innovative, custom-made virtual reality window helped Wipliance get a foot in the door elsewhere in the luxury property. The team installed a 110-inch SI Black Diamond screen in the Spire’s theater room for all residents to enjoy and offers an optional upgrade package that includes motorized SI shades, automation and home entertainment systems for residents.

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